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CAL: Peacock Tail Bag – part 2



Part Two of the CAL was released today. The next few rounds had their challenges but I figured it all out and it looks like it should. This is the front of the bag. I will do part two of the back another day – it will be plain stripes without the clusters and front post stitches. I am so pleased to see the Malachite colourway appear on the last round

Today is my birthday. I’m now 54! As Tai Chi Man was at work, ds1 was at work, ds2 was disinterested, and ds3 is out of town, it was up to me to find something fun to make my birthday special. So I arranged to meet a friend for lunch (she gave me a Himalayan salt lamp) at a vegan cafe, after which we wandered around some nearby small shops, including a yarn shop (at which I didn’t spend any ¬†money), then went to the beach for some swimming and sunbathing.

Dinner was something simple, though it included my favourite cashew-based salted caramel cluster ice cream, and of course as I don’t do dishes on my birthday Tai Chi Man and ds2 had the pleasure of cleaning up.

And of course tonight I relaxed in the usual way with my crochet.

I never did get around to baking a cake or anything so I think I will do that tomorrow and make enough to share at work in the evening.

Is it just me or did this summer whizz by too fast? I can’t believe it’s September in about a week.



Items #2 and #3 – check and check



The Waldorf bag from Nepal – relined to replace the crappy black flimsy stuff that was in there before. And a new leaf button to replace the one that was lost almost immediately.


image image

Today’s orange sun and lack of a view, thanks to all the smoke in the valley. Can’t see past our own trees.



The jersey knit skirt, waistband folded down with a bit of elastic inserted for support.

Wow! Amazing how much I can get done when I make a list. We cancelled going to Wild Play (aerial adventure/ziplines) today because of the smoke and decided to go out to lunch instead (seeing as it’s my birthday tomorrow). Fifty three years young! I will be working but intend to take some baking with me to share with my co-workers.