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Boho FO


Yes, the Boho is now an FO! Finished, finished, finished!





Just a little colourful. I may not have the chutzpah to wear this outside the house in daylight! When draped around me, ruana-style, it comes past my knees. The final measurements – 74 inches long by 42 wide. Total weight of yarn used – about 1200 grams.

I started this on November 23rd 2015, so it took me almost eight weeks. Of course, I wasn’t practising project monogamy that whole time.

I was concerned that a couple of spots looked too bright. Using up scraps can be somewhat unpredictable and so I added a few lines of surface slipstitch to dilute too light areas. I also reinforced the V at the back of the neck with a few slipstitches as I can see that being a place of stress.

Now I have to weigh the leftovers and update my Ravelry stash page. And after that, frog that black scarf-skirt. Then I’ll be down to two WIPs, the granny blanket and the granny slippers. Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here.

Have a great day!




Badges, Boho and Boohoo!


Look what arrived in the mail from Buttons& Things (www.pepsy.etsy.com) thanks to Clare at bobwilson123. Clare had a Christmas giveaway and I won these. Aren’t they fun! Clare’s site is bobwilson123.org and she also has a You Tube channel, bobwilson123, with lots of free patterns and crochet tutorials. Oh, and there’s a Ravelry group too.

The Boho part of the title refers to the wrap, which I have been working on exclusively. The rows are really long though – about 74″ long – and I still have a fair few to do. The wrap is 21″ wide to the split, so when I get to a total of 120 rows and 21″ on the other side it’ll be done. Except for maybe some embellishment. This is using up a nice chunk of miscellaneous worsted weight acrylic.


Even if I decide it’s too scrappy to wear outside the house, it’ll make a fantastic warm wrap on the couch that’ll go over my shoulders and cover me to my knees

The “boohoo” is for my Deramores order, which still hasn’t arrived. It’s been 16 days since my order, but I suppose I should allow for a few days that they were closed over Christmas and New Year. And admittedly Canada Post is not always the fastest. My yarn is still all spread out on my craft room floor, ready to do a stash flash, but I don’t want to do it until the new stuff arrives.

With it being a New Year ‘n all, I’m not making resolutions, but I do have a goal of finishing or frogging my WIPs. The above wrap is going to get done, for sure, and then I will tackle the Grandma’s Knickknacks blanket. I may well stop adding squares at 12 x 12, add a border, and call it finished, because I don’t think a WIP should be around more than a year. The skirt-scarf will probably get frogged.

Then I can breathe a deep sigh of relief, and start making plans for the next stash-busting project. Did I mention (I don’t think I did) that I’ve joined a yarn ban-along with bobwilson123 and Thank God It’s Finished (TGIF) groups on Ravelry? To sign up, you just need to be a member of both groups and post to both of their Yarn Ban-Along threads and also contribute to their group discussions during the course of the ban. It’s a short yarn diet that runs until the end of February. I can definitely manage that.

In the meantime, while I eagerly await my yarn delivery, Happy Crocheting!

Happy New Year!


January 1st 2016. A new year to remember when writing the date multiple times at work. I wonder how often I will write 2015 and have to change it?!

My shifts were switched so I didn’t have to work today, but the big sale is on for two days so tomorrow I will have from 9 to 5 to enjoy some retail frenzy! I always set my intentions on the short drive to the store – happy satisfied customers, friendly co-workers and a good day all around. We will have lots of staff on again tomorrow, and I guess I will have to approach it as fun rather than something to get nervous about.

This has been quite a week so far. Monday, Wednesday and today (Friday) we were up at the ski hill. We don’t normally go so often, but with ds2 (the keener) being on break from college, I decided to make the most of  my non-work days. He has thoroughly tested out his new board and boots, and also ds1’s GoPro. Ds1 came along for two of the days and today set up the GoPro on his brother’s helmet.

Ds3 didn’t bother getting out of bed for any of it!

Tuesday and Thursday I was working, and also tomorrow and Sunday. So I decided not to snowboard today, but instead to spend the time in the lodge with my iPad (Ravelry browsing and Netflix [Orange is the New Black]) and crochet.

We have seen an enormous amount of snow (for us) over Christmas. (The view below is from my back door.)


This is the progress so far on the Boho Cozy Wrap. The ends are mostly woven in.


When the size of the second half matches the first half, it will be done!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and I hope 2016 brings lots of love, light and joy to you.

Just had to share…


The Boho Cozy Wrap is 50% done. I just did the bit where you crochet across halfway, chain for the rest, then hdc back. That’s what the sticky-out-bit is at the top of the photo. That’s the split which will sit around my neck when it’s done. There will be lots of end-weaving on this project, but I like that I’m finishing up a bunch of oddments of worsted weight yarn. The parts I’m not crazy about, like the light green and yellow, I will try some surface crochet or weaving to mute the effect. 

Not ready!





Crazy striped scrap wrap 

We don’t make a big deal out of Christmas in our house. We get a real tree, decorate it with the same old ornaments every year, give the kids a gift or some cash, and have dinner. But simple as it is, it’s not done. Well, the tree part anyway.

Being away for a week earlier this month meant that we waited until our return before even thinking about Christmas. We have bought an unusually large gift for ds2 this year because he’s mad keen on snowboarding and has finished growing so a board and boots made sense. Ds1 lives on his own so can easily find a use for the equivalent cash value of ds2’s gift, and ds3 has his eye on a DSLR camera which costs megabucks so he can use the cash too.

That’s their gifts sorted. The Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day brunch menus have not been finalized but they won’t be too complicated. And the evening on Christmas Day is now reserved for going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I have the 24th and 25th off work because thankfully the store will be closed. Tai Chi Man has to work a half day on the 24th.

I think everything should be closed from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day! Then we could get more snowboarding in. I have earmarked three days when I hope to get to the ski hill. I am definitely not as fit as I should be but hey ho, there you go, I’ll strap myself to a board anyway.

So what crocheting have I done lately? Not a lot. A little on the diagonal granny skirt-scarf. Nothing on the granny blanket. But I have added to the Boho Cosy Wrap tonight while watching Netflix, and it is now 18″ wide.

How is your month going?

Boho Cozy Wrap


A couple of days ago, I started crocheting a ruana type wrap from the blog, Your Everyday Heirlooms. It’s called the Boho Cozy Wrap and is basically a rectangle with a split in it so that the back is all one piece and the front is divided. I had the link in here, lost it, and now I can’t seem to add it…Grrrr! (ETA: link now added)


I grabbed all my worsted weight yarn, all three bags of it, took out the cream, and started in on it. I have made mine larger, a decision which I may come to regret if the thing ends up dragging close to the floor! Instead of 142 chain, I started with about 200. It’s just half doubles back and forth and to contain the randomness a little I’m using regular(ish) stripes of a tweedy green and a black.

Two days of crocheting have yielded a piece that’s 73″ long by 7.5″ wide. It’s actually a perfect scarf size right now. I’m second-guessing my choice to leave in the yellow and pale green (the latter is showing as a very obvious bright strip in the photo) so now I wonder whether I should just continue to make a solid rectangle and call it a blanket.

I don’t know if I’ll wear it out and about with the current colour combo though I am of the opinion that the more colours you put together the less any one of them will stand out as not fitting in.

I don’t have to decide yet though. There are 20 rows done and at least 20 more to go until the instructions for the neck division so I shall mull  it over as I crochet.