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FO: VW Campervan bag


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This baby is DONE!

The pattern is my own design, though I relied heavily on cushion and bag pattern pictures on Ravelry and photos on Pinterest. The yarn is Loops & Threads Impeccable (except for the black) and I used a 5mm hook. It resulted in a fairly stiff fabric, which is fine for a bag, but if it was a wearable item I’d definitely use a 5.5mm.

The lining fabric is from the store where I work, and is a very appropriate peace sign print. I added a pocket in the lining, and a magnetic button for the top closure.

This was quite fun to design on the hook, and even the unravelling and redoing of the front windows (the stranded look was crappy so I changed it for intarsia) didn’t take long and wasn’t onerous. I’m glad I did it as I wouldn’t have been 100% happy with the finished object otherwise.

The project took about 16 days from start to finish and now the big question is, “What next?”


Spring Bag


Spring Bag link (Yarnspirations website).


I’m part of a group called Calling All Crocheters on Ravelry. They have regular challenges which are usually for quite small, not too difficult projects. I signed up for the May 15th one and was sent a link for this bag. (You don’t know what the challenge will be until after you sign up.)

Well, it looked easy enough and I got started with some pretty yarn that I’d been saving for something (don’t know what) but I was between projects and wanted to use something nice.

This yarn is Loops & Threads Chameleon (Rainbow) from Michaels. It has two different colour strands twisted around each other and changes colour slowly as you work with it. I started out with a 4.5mm hook as per the pattern but it was too tight. The bottom of the bag was going all wavy (it has a non-traditional rate of increase for some reason) and the yarn wanted to be more relaxed, so I ripped it out and restarted with a 5.5mm.

I still ended up adding a plain row among the increase rows to keep it flatter. The flowers are added as you work, rather ingeniously, using front post double crochets, but I didn’t quite get the instruction for the final stitch of each flower so did what I thought was best. My stitch count may have been a bit off so my flowers aren’t equidistant. There is another row of flowers further up and I will just make sure to position them between the first row.

Most of the time, I don’t like being told what to make, but this challenge came at just the right time. Just the night before I’d been browsing my Ravelry queue and doing random searches in the hope of finding some inspiration.

Happy crocheting!