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Plodding poncho progress


Ok, so I made three mandalas, as you may recall, and one I didn’t like much. As it turns out, the squared up mandalas are quite big and the nicer two joined together are about 27″ across.


Two unblocked mandala squares joined together

I measured my old poncho and I think a 27″ wide rectangle is going to be a good size so I will now start the stripes by adding to the long top edge of this piece. I was going to do solid dc stripes but now I’m thinking that granny stripes would fit better with these circles (and be easier and quicker to do.)

The poncho that inspired this one has three blocks, not two. And much as I would prefer an odd number I don’t think I can rustle up the gumption to redo three smaller blocks and basically start over.

I am still on the lookout for the perfect travel crochet project (added a couple of possibles to my Ravelry queue tonight) and I’m finding my fascination with Tunisian crochet is trying to drag me into starting a project using that technique. Unfortunately pattern choices online seem to be much rarer than regular crochet so I may end up making something off the cuff.

Have a great week!

More mandalas


My three mandalas, completed to the final round of the circle. My favourite is the first one I made, with the red outermost round. Don’t particularly like the one with two light green rounds.

These are big. I squared one up, as per Zooty Owl’s instructions, and unblocked it’s 12.5″. If I join three in a row as planned, for one end of my poncho, it will be huge, so I may have to rethink.


imageJust a quickie post this morning. Have a wonderful weekend!

Daisy Centre Mandala WIP


I haven’t made it as far as the crocheting corner of the couch tonight, but I did make a little progress on Mandala two of three before I went out hiking with my friend Jen this afternoon. I am trying to remember to get photos taken in daylight, because the colours show up way better.

The first mandala is the one with the red outermost round. The second is partially complete. The third photo shows them side  by side for comparison purposes. I decided that the three motifs would all have a turquoise centre, but a different order of colours for the rest. All will be squared up with the turquoise (of which I have most skeins).

Pretty, huh?

Daisy Mandala Poncho



Daisy Mandala link

Daisy Mandala Squared link

This is the turquoise colour pack that I bought ages ago from Deramores. It’s Stylecraft Special DK, and the bit of work at the bottom of the photo is the first three rounds of the Klokkeblomst/Bellflower sweater, which have since been frogged.

Not gonna happen.

I really didn’t like using a 9mm hook with this yarn as it didn’t glide through the stitches the way a smaller hook does and after looking at the colours together I couldn’t see myself wearing a sweater with the planned stripes on the yoke.

So, out it came this morning, and once I’d finished my chores I settled on the couch for a little crochet time on an alternative project.

I went from browsing sweaters and cardigans to looking at ponchos. One had three blocks attached to a long striped rectangle, which was then sewn into a poncho shape. I liked that idea. I have a knitted poncho from way back which is just one rectangle, the narrow end of which is joined to the side of the rectangle, creating a neck hole. It can be worn with the point at front or back, which is handy for driving (keeps your lap warm without bulk behind you), or twisted around it’s longer at the back and shorter at the front, leaving your arms freer.

A bit more hunting and I came across Zooty Owl’s website (I’ve made a couple of her things, and I love them, and they usually have great photo tutorials). The Daisy Mandala (links above) is really pretty and she has a second blog post where she adds rounds to square it up. Perfect!

So here’s my plan. Make three squares, join them together, start working along the long edge of the resulting rectangle in random colourful stripes until it’s big enough.

This is the progress so far on square #1. It’s not lying very flat but I can beat it (I mean, block it) into submission later on.


Happy Crocheting!