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Daisy Garden

Daisy Garden

I think perhaps that my title for this blog post, Daisy Garden, should perhaps be the name of the blanket. (Thinks to self: go over to Ravelry and edit project page!)

I have now hit another milestone. Twenty daisy blocks finished, which means they look nice and even laid out on the floor for a photo. Of course my old iPad doesn’t seem to be able to get them all in focus.


This is not the final layout, by any means. I just tried to keep the colours well distributed when placing them on the floor. The size of this, if I were to join them all together right now, is 34 x 42 inches approximately. My aim is to get as big a blanket as possible out of the yarn. It’s certainly going to be a cheerful blanket.

So, what else has been happening? I’ve just had a couple of days off. One of the things that was overdue was to wash down our covered deck. It was coated with a layer of pollen, and my eyes and nose have been reminding me lately that it’s pollen season. So out came the hose, then out came two of my sons, who felt that rather than a feeble hose what I really needed was a pressure washer. So ds1 went to the shed and pulled out his pressure washer and we got the deck so darned clean it looks almost new again! I have to say, it’s fun! The furniture also got a rinse, the kayaks (which have been languishing for over a year) were moved to clean underneath, I pinned the outdoor curtains across to shade the deck and patio doors from the evening sun, and now I feel we should be eating out there every day.

The Christmas cacti have been sent outside for the summer. They seem to flower so much better in the winter when they have spent some time outside. And we “cheated” on the hanging baskets and bought ready-made ones from Costco.

I have officially finished decluttering the upper level of our old bi-level house. I did another trip to the recycling depot and thrift store with a car-full of stuff, the latest being old linens from the hall closet, and repacked the two hall closets more efficiently. The living room mostly just needed to be dusted, though I did find some books that I didn’t want.

The biggest jobs await. Downstairs, I have a daunting task. I am considering vacating my craft room (ds1’s old bedroom) so he can have it back. The family room could become my craft room, along with the desk and iMac and piano that are already in there. The teeny bedroom that ds1 is currently using would become storage, one day to be reclaimed as our weights room when he finally moves out again! So much to be done, the first thing to get rid of two old sofa beds that we acquired via Freecycle many many years ago.

I am looking longingly at Ikea shelving for the family room (aren’t we all)!

It doesn’t help that I seem to be on my own with this task because everyone else seems happy with the status quo, but I really feel the need to clean things out and only put back what we really love. Yes, Marie Kondo and the Swedish death cleaning book have really hit home!

Plenty of aches today from (a) weight training, (b) yoga, (c) slipping on a rocky trail while out walking and pulling my right quads to keep myself from falling, (d) plantar fasciitis flare up because I was dumb enough to think I could spend a lot of the last two days in bare feet. Oh yeah, and (e) blisters on the back of my heels from that trail walk without socks on. I’m going to work today for a rest 😛 Speaking of which, I must go and finish getting ready.

Have a great day!




The monster sweater to be frogged

The monster sweater to be frogged

i actually have a weekend of no work or other onerous commitments. So unusual. So it was lovely to have a slow start to the day. As I’ll be working on Monday and won’t have time for housework, I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, and did three loads of laundry and hung them out on the clothesline.

The thought of my messy craft room has been bugging me a bit, so I went in there and sorted through all the drawers, bags, shelves and other stuff. Filled a garbage bin, a recycling bin and a couple of bags for the thrift store. Then vacuumed and made a list of things I’d like to get done.

the list:

  1. frog the monster sweater, aka the Elizabeth Zimmermann Wishbone sweater knitted from Willow Wash Bulky
  2. make the waistband smaller on the skirt I sewed a few months ago, as it’s too stretchy and it’s falling off me
  3. line a groovy bag I bought at a Waldorf Christmas sale years ago…the lining shredded quickly and I want to use it again

After that, the list gets more vague, i.e. come up with some scrap projects for yarn and fabric. Maybe even a quilt! I haven’t quilted for ten years but I haven’t forgotten how. The last quilt I made was a scrappy affair that was designed to be used at the beach/park and it’s well-worn and faded and patched now. I still love it as much as ever.