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FO: Maypole Hat



Well, WordPress is trying to confuse me. They’ve done some sort of update or rehash of their site and now all the tools that were on the left are on the right. Sometimes  I feel like saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Anyhoo, here’s the hat that was a WIP last time I posted. The diameter is about 16 inches, which I think is probably a 6 month old baby size. I still have part of one skein left plus a second, so it would be nice to make something else to match. I just haven’t decided what yet. I did a Ravelry search and didn’t come up with anything, except for one possibility, and it’s a little sweater I’ve made before from a library book, so I have placed a hold on it again. It’s Nash’s sweater and I could make it with or without the sleeves.

As I said before, this is Euro Baby Maypole, 100% polyester, and just in the knitting of the hat it’s already gone a little fuzzy so I don’t know how durable it is. Pretty colours, though. The ribbing was done with 5mm needles, and the stockinette with 5.5mm.

This was our view this morning –

The neighbour was out clearing snow off her car. Mine lives under our carport, not that I had to drive anywhere today anyway.

Yup, it snowed all day yesterday while I was at work (and I had to brush three inches of snow off the car so that I could see to drive home) and it was snowing this morning when I got up too. It didn’t last, though – by dinnertime, the sun had melted off quite a bit of it.

I had one of those lovely days today when my kitchen diary was completely blank  – no work, no appointments, no outside commitments – so I had a very sedentary morning (sorry, Fitbit)! This afternoon, though, I made up for it, doing multiple loads of laundry, cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, the front entryway, and cooking scalloped potatoes, nut roast and date squares for dinner. Now that I have work some days, I appreciate the days when I’m home and can make more of an effort in putting a decent meal together.

Tonight, Tai Chi Man fancied a change of scene so booked us a couple of tickets to go to the movies. We are going to see The Ballerina, an animated movie which I’m sure will be cute and funny. My husband isn’t one for loud and violent films.

I hope Spring is springing in your part of the world. No sign of it here yet but we are supposed to see double digits (Celsius) next week.








I love To Do lists


There was a WordPress app update today which made claims of wonderful improvements so I’m chancing a post from the app rather than Safari. To be honest, I’d be happy if it just uploaded my photos without seizing up! Hmmm, I inserted my two photos first, and the doohickey at the top is still saying ‘Uploading’ and the little circle is going around and around. Fingers crossed…


Home days are wonderful things, especially when they are interspersed with days of work outside the home and therefore not as common as they used to be. I made a nice neat To Do list this morning, loosely organized into morning, afternoon and evening tasks. I even wrote down fun stuff like crochet.

As you can see from the second photo, I added a few items during the day, and managed to check off almost every one. I feel like I accomplished so much! The only thing I haven’t done is listen to some more video lectures for the Chinese Thought course. It’s after 9pm already and Tai Chi Man needs the computer so I may procrastinate on the study time.


I’ve had my dose of Mandarin for the day at my evening class though, and I did read some more of Trying not to Try by Edward Slingerland, which I’m really enjoying. He writes with humour about the paradox of wu-wei (which you might like to research if you’ve never heard of it).

I hope your day was just as fulfilling.

And now to publish…I hope. (Edited to add: nope, had to use Safari.)