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I’m just a Bag lady


Two more bags to show you, one a crochet work-in-progress and the other a sewn finished object.

The above patchwork bag is a giant tote with denim on the back, patchwork from 4.5″ cut squares on the front, denim handles and a magnetic clasp.

I didn’t follow a tutorial for this, just made it up as I went along. The fabrics were inspired by this little drawstring bag…

…which I made recently and decided to give to a coworker who’s leaving. I made the tote to coordinate so I can give it to her at the same time.

It just took me an afternoon from idea to FO.

My little crocheted bag is coming along. I joined in with a Patreon Zoom chat this morning with Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet podcast, and got the squares joined to the base and started the upper section.

It’s still super smoky here and the event I had planned (crocheting at the beach) isn’t going ahead as most people would prefer to stay home in their AC! I must say, my chest feels crappy today, even though I have been indoors all day and haven’t been aware of a strong smoke smell. Ah well, maybe next week.

FO: Feelin’ Groovy purse


Project stats: Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, 4mm hook, finished size when flattened 9.5″ across (19″ circumference), 10″ from centre of base to top edge.

Shown here filled with most of the leftover yarn. I can’t give you quantities as I didn’t weigh before and after.

Link to Ravelry pattern (paid) here.

I’m thinking this would look great using random scraps too – but I would use an acrylic worsted – easier on the hands.



I have a huge pickle jar that I’ve been keeping rice in that’s just the right size for the bag. I put some plastic wrap over part of the jar as there’s still part of the label on the outside of it and I didn’t want dye or bits of paper sticking to the inside of my bag.

The strap was finished tonight, as I was sitting out on my deck until it was too dark to see. Just four stitches wide, Tunisian simple stitch, 32 inches long. When the bag’s dry, I can add the wooden beads to the drawstring, snip any sticky-outy ends, and call it done.

It was a pleasant day today, of grocery shopping, lending my car to ds3 so he could have a driving lesson, and mid-afternoon deciding that it was hot enough (over 30 degrees) to head to the lake for a couple of swims and some sunbathing on the dock at a little beach access. The boys weren’t interested so I went on my own, and Tai Chi Man joined me when he finished work.

Dinner included freshly dug potatoes from our garden and even a lettuce, though it looked like a deer had chomped half of it. We only occasionally see deer around here, we know they are there, but not usually in our garden. However there have been telltale footprints through our vegetable patch this summer. Thankfully it seems that potatoes and green beans were a good choice, as it looks like they have been left alone.

The boys asked why I wasn’t taking food photos for Facebook tonight! As if I do it a lot!! I did try out a new recipe from one of my cookbooks, Betty Goes Vegan. It was the Denver Omelette which is made with a tofu mixture and filled with a mixture of sauteed veg, faux meat or tempeh, and vegan ‘cheese.’ The omelette part certainly didn’t hold together in the way the recipe implied, but looked quite realistically like scrambled eggs. And instead of filling and folding, I just put the sauteed tempeh and mushroom mixture on top plus some smoked Gouda-style Daiya. It tasted pretty good, but it wasn’t photogenic.

I made a meal plan for seven days plus a shopping list today, which ideally I like to do every week. Sometimes I make it generic, like pizza, pasta, rice etc. Sometimes I’ll look through a few cookbooks to get inspiration. And other times, like today, I pick a few recipes out of one book to challenge myself to try new things.

You never know which ones will become family favourites.

Have an awesome weekend and talk to you again soon when the bag is 100% finished.




WIP: Feelin’ Groovy and feelin’ fine



I was at this stage, evening before last, when I had to stop. Base done, looking a bit wavy in places because it needs blocking. (I have a large glass jar which is the perfect size for blocking the bag over.)

At the end of yesterday, this is where I left it. (Those sc2tog rounds were a b*tch to work into.)


I have designated this as the front, and have my drawstring coming out front and centre. Haven’t added the wooden beads yet as I don’t want them to get wet.


And this is the back. Just the strap to make now. The original strap is a long chain worked into with a row of dcs, I think. I may just use Tunisian instead, then I don’t have that whole fiddly ‘working into lots of chains thing’ going on. I made the drawstring simpler too – it’s just a chain, rather than making a whole row of sc – yuck!

My main colour (ie the colour I used for the last round, the drawstring, and the strap) is the teal, purely because I have three balls of that and only one of each of the other colours. Wouldn’t want to run out part way through the strap.

After three cotton projects, I can’t wait to get back to good old acrylic! SO much easier on the hands.





WIP: Feelin’ Groovy update



It’s been an up and down sort of day weather-wise. I was out early with a friend, driving to a park for a walk. We had rain on the way down, but none on our walk. It didn’t take long to get to the waterfall and back to the car, so we drove to the nearest small town (I don’t know if it’s big enough to call it a town), parked up, and walked along the lakefront to a popular coffee shop/bakery. It was cloudy and windy but still warm. We sat outside to have our teas (Earl Grey tea latte with soy for me, Matcha latte for her). Walked back to the car, sat on a park bench and ate a snack, and then the rain started again. Popped into the nearby library then went home.

It was a lovely way to spend the morning, and then this afternoon the sun came out…then went away again…then we had a huge downpour. And now it’s evening, and sunny again.

I guess if I had to sum it up in one word it would be ‘unpredictable!’

I did take a couple of photos of my progress last night, but looking at them today I can see they aren’t that great – the lighting is crap – so I just took two more out on the deck in natural light. So far, I’ve finished six motifs, sewn them together in a circle, and added six sc rounds. I am currently heading for the bottom of the bag, so after a few more even rounds I’ll start decreasing for the base of the bag.

It was a bit frustrating earlier as I spent some time before making dinner adding the long rounds to the motifs, then realising that I should have only worked 1 sc into each of the corner spaces. Two stitches into each space made it flare out too much, and it took me three rounds to realise it just wasn’t going to “block out.”

Frogging and redoing the rounds with 12 fewer stitches seems to be working. The original pattern had some different stitches included in the bottom part but I’m keeping it plain for now. I’ll probably keep the puff stitches in the upper section.

So far, so good. I’m on a deadline for this, so I shall go back to my hooking now! Happy Wednesday 🙂


WIP: Feelin’ Groovy Again


OK, OK, I know I said I had to get the blanket done, and once my housework was finished today, plus even a little bit o’ weight training, I DID make progress on the ripple. Four repeats done of the stripe pattern, two to go.


However, a bee got into my bonnet and I felt like making something for a certain person, but I can’t explain it further at the moment. I don’t want to say who it’s for until it’s done.

The little coin purse that I recently made out of Stylecraft Classique Cotton is going to have a mummy! I pulled out a pattern that I tested, hmmm, over a year ago I think, but ended up selling with a bunch of my other stuff. It was such a cute bag and in a way I wish I’d kept it, but I really am NOT short of bags!

The pattern is available on Ravelry for $3 – linky here.

Obviously I have a printout of the original pattern that has been heavily edited as I and others worked out the kinks in the design. I’m sure that now the pattern is in great shape and totally worth the money. That’s what the pattern testing groups in Ravelry are for.

So, I’m using all 12 colours of my Classique and a 4mm hook to make this groovy little bag. Because the original was crocheted with worsted weight yarn and a 5mm hook, but my yarn is DK, I decided to make six motifs to go around the centre of the bag instead of five.

This is my progress this evening:


One more round to go on each motif to square them up, and that’s the central part of the bag body done.

And now to bed!