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Easter mitts


I think these look Spring-y, don’t you? They are so easy and quick to make. You could use any granny square, worked to a measurement that wraps your hand, seamed up the side leaving a thumbhole.

This is the Sunburst motif, as linked to in my last post, with three extra rounds of regular granny pattern. I would hate this square if I wanted it to lie flat for a blanket, because it just wouldn’t behave! However for my purposes it’s perfect.

I’ve started part two of my Chinese philosophy course, but after watching a few video lectures I started feeling sleepy so had to stop. The information wasn’t really sinking in.

Work today was physically challenging, with lots of long bolts of upholstery fabric to lift and move, and I have a similar shift tomorrow. It’ll be time to hit the sack very soon. Zzzzzzzz!





Easter mitts


I will give you a link to my Ravelry project page which will link to the motif and the method I used to turn it into fingerless mitts. Why Easter mitts? Well, it’s nearly Easter, and the colours remind me of painted eggs.

The project page isn’t complete yet as the project itself is a work in progress, but I have made similar mitts to this before. I came across the older project recently and thought it was time for a new incarnation.

This motif, on the website “Crochet Spot” which I have linked to on Ravelry, has a couple of anomalies in the instructions for round 1, but as long as you’re not a total crochet noob you will be able to follow them. (I did leave a comment on their post.)

I don’t know if it’s just me, but both times I have made this motif it’s been very ripply which indicates to me that there are too many stitches being squeezed into the circle. However I am working with this rippliness (totally a real word) as when the finished square is folded in half and seamed to make a mitt, the centre of the motif snugs into the curve of the wrist.

When I made these mitts before, I used a 6mm hook and a total of 6 rounds worked perfectly for size, but this time I’m using a 5.5mm hook and will need to add an extra round.

In case you’re wondering why I’m not making another nest, I am ‘resting’ my wrists with some looser gauge crocheting. I did something to hurt my wrists, which have been quite painful today – it’s either the tight crochet or playing around with foam dumbbells in the pool last night. (I met my friend and she showed me some physio exercises she’s been doing. I think I overdid it!)

Okay, it’s an early night for me. Ttyl!

Pattern link and a new WIP


The Rags to Riches fingerless mitts which I posted about a few days ago do have a pattern page on the blog, Spruce and Salsify, and here’s a link. 

I didn’t realize until yesterday that the pattern had already been published.

I spent a couple of tense days without a hook in my hand, wondering what I would make next. (I confess, it truly is an addiction!) I wanted something chunky that I could make fast, so last night I pulled out my container of scraps (small balls about 5 grams or less) and a 7mm hook and starting crocheting with three strands of yarn together.

I’m making a scrap basket to hold more scraps – how holistic is that?! The hooking can be a bit hard on the hands with this firm a tension but I do want the sides to stand up on their own.

This is the progress so far…


It’s all single crochet (or double if you’re in the UK). It’s amazing how random fibres and colours can become a cohesive whole when mixed this way. The purple is banana fibre, the white is cotton, the rest mostly acrylic, and I’m just adding in another yarn when one runs out, so there are no hard colour changes.

I am very grateful for this day and for you, my dear readers.


FO: fingerless mitts


One of the things I like to do on Ravelry is stalk three of the pattern testing groups. Designers can post their designs in these groups and get volunteers to test knit or crochet the pattern for them, giving feedback on how well the pattern is written and offering advice for tweaks.

I usually look out for crochet designs, ones that are quick to make, as I feel a little bit of pressure to make things in a timely manner and I do, after all, have other projects to work on.

This week, I made these.

I really like the result. The light grey hand part is done in Tunisian simple stitch, which I’ve only played with once before. The ‘ribbing’ at the finger end is front post and back post dc. The tricky part, and here is the challenge a designer faces in describing a new technique, involved picking up around the inside edge for the cuff and thumb. It took a bit of fiddling, but I figured it out, and the designer seems happy with the finished project.

I can’t link to a pattern yet as it’s still in testing, with other people working on their mitts in progress, but I like to show you my crochet!

There is a thread in one Ravelry group called Finish it in February, and I would dearly love to finish my blanket by the end of the day. Thanks to this being a leap year, I have an extra day to push to the finish.

Make the most of your February 29th.






A comfortable spot


imageA friend of mine commented on the darker evenings, saying she was already starting to suffer a little from cabin fever. Well, the clocks changed only two weeks ago, and I am loving the lighter mornings and long dark evenings. It’s so much easier to get up in the morning when it’s not pitch dark. And my favourite thing to do on winter evenings is tuck myself underneath a crocheted blanket and crochet some more!

Admittedly, eating dinner then spending the whole evening on the couch is a recipe for putting on more pounds, and there are some evenings when I have gone out for a swim at the pool. But dark evenings seem to just pull me towards hibernation mode and staying in.

Tonight I came out of the kitchen, having loaded the dishwasher and made myself a hot drink, and this view of the sofa with my shawl, blanket and current project just sitting there was so appealing.

Maybe you recall my recent cowl project made from shades of brown in my stash. Well, I took those same yarns, held three strands together and crocheted this hat with a 6.5mm hook. It’s my Crochet Hat Recipe in the sidebar, also known as Adjustable Crochet Hat on Ravelry. Used up some small odds and ends, which was nice.



And when that was finished, I immediately started a pair of my own Free Beginner’s Crochet Fingerless Mitts, the pattern for which is also linked in my sidebar, with Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky in cerise/turquoise. Very pretty. The photos don’t do the colours justice.

image image

I started this at a coffee shop yesterday and couldn’t look up the pattern so this pair will actually be a bit longer than the originals. My plan is to put them with my other completed projects which have yet to find a new owner.

My Netflix watching is a British TV show called Death in Paradise. It’s a fairly entertaining series set on a Caribbean Island with a reluctant Englishman as the chief detective. He is always complaining about the heat but always wears a suit and tie. And is always looking for the perfect cup of tea!

Have you seen the new James Bond movie, Spectre? My menfolk and I went to see it last night. Classic Bond, of course, he always manages to get out of every conflict with everything intact, and seems to have no problem getting around and managing his wardrobe after seemingly being stripped of everything he owns! Maybe he always has an emergency passport and credit card duct-taped to his body or something. And all the women want to sleep with him. But hey, it’s great entertainment even if you can’t follow the storyline. Oh yeah, and I really want a £3,000,000 Aston Martin that shoots flames out of the back, you know, just in case!!

Ok, time to do some crochet (maybe some more hand cream first, this cold weather is drying my hands out and my cuticles are a mess – catching on everything). I have had to promise my half-done blanket that I will get back to her before starting another new project. She’s sulking…

The delights of fall



I don’t know about you, but I love the shoulder seasons. The more moderate temperatures are so much more comfortable than plus 30 or minus 30. Today we enjoyed 28 degree weather (82 for you people still using Fahrenheit) and sunshine and I spent some time on the beach with a friend. We sat and crocheted for some time and then had a swim. The lake was pretty darned cold but I felt like it might be my last swim of the season so had to do it.

Because the nights are drawing in and getting cooler, it takes longer for the warmth to peak and it’s more welcome.


These fingerless mitts are for middle son. As he’s started going to the college across the lake, he will be standing around at bus stops on a regular basis and I thought that he might need something to keep his hands warm but leave his fingers free for whipping out his bus pass. I wasn’t sure whether he’d like them, so I just made them anyway and presented them to him tonight. He seemed pleased, put them on straight away and they fit perfectly.

The pattern is from here and I made the men’s size. However I worked two fewer rows of the cuff ribbing which led to the hand being two stitches smaller around. I feel that crochet ribbing is not as stretchy as knitted ribbing, so didn’t want to make them too big and have them flop about around his wrists.

I used about 50 grams of True Grey Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted weight acrylic with a 5mm hook.

My beach time was all the sweeter, knowing that I’m working the next two days. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.