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FO: Wayfarer Wrap

FO: Wayfarer Wrap

Way to go, Nicola! I’m feeling excited to be able to wear my wrap after three and a half months on the needles/hook but in an odd way almost sad that it’s over. How silly, when you think about it – I am very much a product knitter/crocheter and am positively irritated by long term WIPs that sit at the top of my Ravelry project overview page, taunting me with their not-done-ness!

The end of this project came together in the last week, inspired (as I mentioned in my last post) by the CAL in the crochet party group on Ravelry. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of finishing a project, taking photos and uploading said photos to my Ravelry project page and clicking that “finished” button. And of course seeing the project thumbnail lose that WIP status and move into the realms of Finished Objects.

So that’s 600 grams of random DK weight yarn out of the stash. Most of it is Stylecraft Special DK with some Deramores Studio DK mixed in. I have all my DK mixed together in bags, sorted (or at least it was) by colour. I need to do a tidy up now that this project is off the needles. There are over 20 colours in this wrap, with the plan being to include soft colours that also had some contrast.

I had a little photoshoot out on my deck this morning.

It’s hard to get the whole thing visible in one photo, but you get the idea.

You may also be able to tell that we still have a lot of snow on the garden. We had fresh snow the last two days, though it is getting above freezing during the day now and the end is in sight. I love snow, though prefer it when it’s not on the roads when I need to drive somewhere. This is the scene from my back deck.


Blue sky, sunshine, snow. Gorgeous!

I have two Works in Progress left. A pair of socks on skinny needles and a wrap on a skinny hook. The socks have been languishing for many a month, maybe because I feel like they may not fit well, but I think I need to start taking them out with me as my portable project (and there’s nothing more portable than a sock project, is there). The wrap is one that I started in Switzerland last summer, and I love the stitch pattern (I bought the pattern so definitely want to crochet it up). I think I will frog the few inches that are done and restart with a thicker yarn and bigger hook. The stitches are just so fiddly and my middle-aged eyes were struggling.

Interestingly, I am not desperate to start another bulky instant-gratification crochet project, which is usually my downfall. So I think these two WIPs might just be getting the attention they deserve for the rest of this month.

FO: Chameleon toque


And it’s done. And I’m once again WIPless. But not for long!

As you can see, the hat can be worn slouchy or with the brim turned up. I love how it looks different from every angle, thanks to the changing colours. The body of the hat is Tunisian full stitch, the crown is half double crochet, and the brim has two rounds of single crochet. When it’s turned up, you can see the wrong side of the full stitch, which looks a little like knitted garter stitch.

Sally the Styrofoam Head is modelling it along with the simple stitch cowl I made a little while ago.

OK, I am taking a break from Tunisian for now.  A project has caught my eye, and I know you’re going to think I’m crazy for starting a blanket when it’s over 30 degrees (90) outside, but this one is pretty. Sadly I don’t have any of the same yarn as the designer used, but I do have a crapton (totally kosher unit of measurement) of Stylecraft and that’s what I’m going to use.

It’s Dedri Uys’s Joy’s Journey, link here.

Take a look at those beautiful Scheepjes colours. It was designed to have a tactile pompom edge for people with Alzheimer’s. I don’t have a recipient in mind, I just want to make the blanket. It is just double crochet, spiralling around, not even individual rounds so no joining, and the pompom trim is something that we sell at the store where I work, so I’m going to take my little yarn ends from the turquoise colour pack of Stylecraft Special DK to the store tomorrow evening, as I will be working anyway, and get myself 6 metres of the trim in a colour that matches one of the yarn colours.

I am excited to crochet again.

I see that the DK yarn in the pattern is paired with a 6mm hook, but I think I will use my 5.5mm Addi Swing, just because it’s so comfortable. I have two of those hooks now and definitely recommend them.

Keep Calm and Crochet On!