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More border progress



Fourth round: dc in raspberry

A day off yesterday and thanks to some coffee shop time I finished the third border round and started the fourth. Still not sure exactly what it’s going to look like when finished.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I also enjoyed a long walk in a local park. Today I’m home and it’s time to clean the house…AGAIN!



Grandma’s Knickknacks – 46%



It’s nice to be adding squares once more to the blanket. It’s still too hot to have a pile of yarn in my lap, but the first three rounds of each square are done first, then the fourth join-as-you-go round attaches it to the rest.  Not too much overheating time.

As I just completed the seventh row of squares, it seemed to be a good time to photograph and share. Eighty four squares out of a planned 180, therefore 46% done. I am expecting to add a border too.

The wooden box in the photo is how I’m organising my yarns. As I use each one, it gets moved over to the other side of the divider until they are all used and it’s time to reverse the process.

This Stylecraft Special Aran has a nice woolly feel to it, not acrylicky at all. It seems that a lot of bloggers, especially in the UK, love the Special DK, and I may have to try that one day, especially as it comes in twice as many colours as the Aran.

I keep receiving yarn company newsletters and it’s hard to resist the Deramores ones. However I don’t know whether I can justify to myself a yarn order right now, though that might change if I get some birthday money this month 🙂

I have enough yarn to keep me going until the next sale!

It feels like the end of summer is in sight. It’s been a hot dry one, with drought conditions and water restrictions and hundreds of wildfires around the province. Too many fires were human-caused, unfortunately. People just don’t seem to learn. A carelessly discarded cigarette butt or a (banned) campfire can start a massive burn that can cause death and property damage. There’s one at Rock Creek right now that swept through a campground, burnt down the owner’s home, and campers had to leave with just what they were wearing, in some cases bathing suits. I’m not sure what other damage has been caused.

We are forecast to have rain tonight and many people are praying for it. It’s windy and cloudy right now, but still dry. We had a short shower earlier in the day, but not enough to dampen things down to be safer.

The sun has looked orange again today because of the smoke in the air.

Wishing everyone a safe summer’s end. Talk to you again soon.