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Yes, it’s true. No Works in Progress at all. What a freeing feeling. Free to decide what to make next with all that potential sitting in my craft room!

Not only did I finish the blanket yesterday (and even gave it a light wash and dry ready for some decent daylight to get some better photos) but just before bed I also finished these granny stitch slippers.


It’s dark in the house this morning, and wet snow is falling, which is kind of ironic as the street sweepers were due to clean up all the grit this week. I’ll also be at work all day then going straight on to an evening commitment, so I won’t get more shots of the blanket until tomorrow at the earliest.

What have you finished this week?



Sunday update


It’s been a very pleasant weekend. Yesterday I was walking along the lakeshore with Tai Chi Man and ds1 in the sunshine. I made dinner then watched a lovely movie for the second time – About Time – which involves time travel but not in a cheesy way, with an important underlying message and a triple-Kleenex ending!

I picked up the Grandma’s Knickknacks blanket and added some more squares and was just two short of finishing my goal of 144 squares.


This morning, we had to buy groceries, but afterwards I finished the 144th square! I am so relieved! I still have to add a border but this point has been nine months in arriving so it feels like time for a little jumping up and down. It’s about 45″ square amd I estimate a time investment of at least 48 hours so far.

We went out to lunch with friends, one of whom is leaving town next week, and she gave me some bits and pieces that she needed to clear out, including lots of sewing thread (very useful) and three balls of yarn. Loops & Threads Soft & Shiny (burgundy) and Velveteen (royal blue).

Now that we’re back home, I’m itching to start on that blanket border.

My only other WIP is this pair of slippers.
And this is a sunny photo of my Road Trip scarf.

Life is good!

Two new WIPs


What’s a vegan doing, crocheting with alpaca? Well, my boss liked the Double Layered Braided Cowl enough to ask me to make another out of this yarn. It’s Misti Alpaca Best of Nature worsted, and it feels lovely and soft. However the half doubles in the back back loop, or the third loop, are an absolute pain. Working in the front of the hdc is easy, but turning and working back in the back of it is fiddly and made my right hand go pins and needles-ish!

It wasn’t this hard with the Red Heart With Love, which is a heavier worsted. I also didn’t get gauge with the alpaca and had to go up a hook size, and also add five extra stitches to the strips to be sure of it being the right length.


As you can see, I’m actually using my handmade yarn bowl for this, as I had to hand wind the hanks into balls and they need corralling! I have crocheted two strips so far but have to wait a for a call back from S before I go any further, to make sure I understood her requirements re using the two colours.

I also started yet another pair of Granny Stitch Slippers at work yesterday with some old Knit Picks Brava. I will definitely have enough to make the feet in one colour this time, then add cream around the top.



It was a nutso day at work yesterday. I was called in Friday night for four hours and it was pretty dead, but Saturday was busy busy busy. As closing time approached, I found myself getting to the ‘fried brain’ stage where if people wanted math done to calculate how much they needed, or if it was ‘buy one, get three free’ and they wanted  four of something and twelve of something, but five different colours, it got to be too challenging!!

For a while, there was only cut cut cut and no putting bolts of fabric away, so it was wonderful when there was breathing space between customers so I could get things moved back to the shelves. About 5.15 I took a big breath and gave one of my coworkers a meaningful look, and she said she thought I was going to need help to ‘dig myself out.’ 😉

Thankfully by then I had managed to tidy up my area and was helping to get things put away at other cutting tables.

Today I had a lie-in and a blissful morning at home, and I’m now hoping that ds2 and ds3 will get out of bed so we can have a family walk this afternoon with ds1. Time will tell.








Ugly Neon Pink Slippers


I will be the first to admit that these are pretty ugly!


Don’t you just love that turn of phrase? “Pretty ugly!”

This pink yarn came in a job lot from a yard sale and I’m glad to get it out of the stash. I would have liked to have a bit more, enough to finish the feet, so that the cream was just around the top of the foot, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I now have another pair of slippers for my guest basket by the front door.

We’ve had mild temperatures the last few days and the snow almost disappeared, but it’s been snowing heavily for a few hours now and everything is white again.

It looks like I’ll be making another braided cowl for my boss with a different yarn, so that will be my next project. She called earlier to ask if I could work this evening, and I said yes, and she mentioned giving me some alpaca yarn to make another cowl.

I just started an online course distributed by the University of British Columbia about the history of Chinese philosophy, religion and culture, which fits in rather well with my spiritual path. It involves a series of video lectures and online quizzes and a final exam, plus some supplementary reading. I think it’s going to be very interesting. I naively thought I could crochet while watching the videos, but instead I am making notes and doing my best to follow along with all the new vocabulary I am suddenly learning!

Stay cosy, and talk to you again soon.



I mentioned granny slippers in my last post. But I didn’t tell you about those. I took photos the other day and didn’t get around to blogging about it.

I needed a portable project the day I went into the city for errands. I met a friend at a coffee shop…


…and took some Loops & Threads Impeccable, my new Addi hook and the bobwilson123 Granny Stitch Slippers pattern.

And added to it here…


…sitting in the car while waiting to pick up ds2 at college.

I then had to drive him to the dentist for a quick fix on a tooth…


…and almost finished the first one, except for the single crochet around the top of the foot. I’ve made a few pairs of these now and they are quick and easy and great for keeping in a basket next to the front door for visitors.

Crocheting in Public – it’s so cool! And it really gets things done.