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Flash your Stash 2023

Flash your Stash 2023

Every year on Ravelry there’s a Flash your Stash thread in the Yarn and Fibre forum. As no one else had started one by today, I did it myself!

It’s already attracting some flashers and as I spent a happy hour in my sewing room pulling everything out to take photos for that thread I thought I’d blog about it too.

I grouped things for separate photos as the stash wouldn’t fit on my sewing room table all in one go! I started with my cardigan-in-progress and the ongoing dishcloth project.

I have three sweaters planned for the coming months. No specific patterns picked out, but my brain is turning over ideas in the background. From left to right: Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious, Wendy Husky Super Chunky, Michaels’ Craftsmart.

This pic is mostly plant fibres and blends. The packs of white cotton were bought for dyeing. I did a bit but then forgot about it for a few years. The colourful balls top left are my new ones, Scheepjes Softfun.

These are worsted weight acrylics that aren’t dedicated to a particular project. The Craftsmart skeins on the left would work well for a blanket sometime. The grey ones are what’s left from my recent sweater and beanie. The two big cakes are new (Järbo Cookie).

And then there’s all this DK. A lot of Stylecraft Special, some Lion Brand Mandala, etc. Plus my new Universe Christmas cake on the left which didn’t really fit in any group.

I need to plan a stash/scrapbusting blanket or something because these DK yarns have been hanging around for far too long. Maybe with a big hook and multiple strands.

The first day of a new year does seem to focus the mind on organisation. I asked ds3 if he would move all the Lego (we have a LOT) from the family room to its usual spot under ds2’s bed. He did it and has proceeded to clean up a lot of other stuff in there. This is great because we have fitness equipment in there and we needed more room to use it.

I’ve decided it’s time to get rid of the piano, and ds1 has an electric guitar that’s been sitting gathering dust for years.

Tomorrow is housework day. The Christmas tree is shedding needles like mad so I’m going to vacuum (again) and will plan to say goodbye to it next weekend.

Time for a flash…


Nudge nudge, wink wink!

Flash your Stash, I mean. Yes, it’s January, and that means there’s a new thread on Ravelry’s Yarn forum where people can pull out their yarn, photograph it, and show it off. There’s actually a good reason to do this. If you have a lot of wool, it’s good to “toss the stash” every now and then to check for moths or carpet beetles. (Not an issue for me, obviously.) Also, you get to see what you have. It’s easy to forget the treasures if they lie buried most of the time. My yarn is mostly on view in clear zip top storage bags in cubbies in my craft room,  but when I laid it out on my queen size futon it surprised me how  much I had. And that’s another good reason to pull it out – to stop you from impulse buying a craptonne more yarn when you’re not using up what you have.

So, I flashed my stash in January last year. At the time, I had a lot of worsted/aran weight yarn but had just bought some DK colour packs from Deramores. I was a bit nervous about the skinnier yarn, wondering how I would get along with it.

This year’s stash flash shows a heavier emphasis on DK, then worsted, then the usual random skeins of bulky, super bulky and novelty. I didn’t buy the novelty yarn – it was given to me. May end up clearing that out.

Anyway, here’s the main photo. This is my queen size futon, and it only just fits. I think I’d be uncomfortable with more than this as I’d feel like it was too much pressure!


I did  a lot of stashbusting this year with projects that used multiple strands of yarn, like a pouf, rugs, wraps, blankets and more. Since my large Deramores order at the beginning of last year, there have only been a few small purchases, like the Red Heart With Love and the souvenir yarn from my holiday. Plus one Wool Warehouse order where I bought extra gold for the Demelza blanket and extra black for the granny square coat.

The only colour pack I haven’t broken into is the Stylecraft Special DK Coast Pack. Fifteen balls of loveliness which may eventually become a sweater.

And now it’s all packed away neatly again. The only WIP I have going right now is the Hungry Caterpillar blanket. I didn’t think to include that in the flash, but there will be a fair whack of Impeccable left over when I’m finished.

Have you ever flashed your stash?