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WIP: Feelin’ Groovy and feelin’ fine



I was at this stage, evening before last, when I had to stop. Base done, looking a bit wavy in places because it needs blocking. (I have a large glass jar which is the perfect size for blocking the bag over.)

At the end of yesterday, this is where I left it. (Those sc2tog rounds were a b*tch to work into.)


I have designated this as the front, and have my drawstring coming out front and centre. Haven’t added the wooden beads yet as I don’t want them to get wet.


And this is the back. Just the strap to make now. The original strap is a long chain worked into with a row of dcs, I think. I may just use Tunisian instead, then I don’t have that whole fiddly ‘working into lots of chains thing’ going on. I made the drawstring simpler too – it’s just a chain, rather than making a whole row of sc – yuck!

My main colour (ie the colour I used for the last round, the drawstring, and the strap) is the teal, purely because I have three balls of that and only one of each of the other colours. Wouldn’t want to run out part way through the strap.

After three cotton projects, I can’t wait to get back to good old acrylic! SO much easier on the hands.





WIP: Feelin’ Groovy Again


OK, OK, I know I said I had to get the blanket done, and once my housework was finished today, plus even a little bit o’ weight training, I DID make progress on the ripple. Four repeats done of the stripe pattern, two to go.


However, a bee got into my bonnet and I felt like making something for a certain person, but I can’t explain it further at the moment. I don’t want to say who it’s for until it’s done.

The little coin purse that I recently made out of Stylecraft Classique Cotton is going to have a mummy! I pulled out a pattern that I tested, hmmm, over a year ago I think, but ended up selling with a bunch of my other stuff. It was such a cute bag and in a way I wish I’d kept it, but I really am NOT short of bags!

The pattern is available on Ravelry for $3 – linky here.

Obviously I have a printout of the original pattern that has been heavily edited as I and others worked out the kinks in the design. I’m sure that now the pattern is in great shape and totally worth the money. That’s what the pattern testing groups in Ravelry are for.

So, I’m using all 12 colours of my Classique and a 4mm hook to make this groovy little bag. Because the original was crocheted with worsted weight yarn and a 5mm hook, but my yarn is DK, I decided to make six motifs to go around the centre of the bag instead of five.

This is my progress this evening:


One more round to go on each motif to square them up, and that’s the central part of the bag body done.

And now to bed!