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FOs: sewing/paper play

FOs: sewing/paper play

Hello and happy Saturday! We’ve had a beautiful sunny day so far. It’s a bit cold but Mr Fixit and I were working hard, clearing out some dead wood in the backyard (and broken branches from last week’s snow, which has now all melted).

Last week I showed you the cat journal – this week it’s the sewing journal. It took a long time because of work getting in the way and also the time it took to gather a few more things for embellishing the pages. I think the more journals I make, the more interesting they will become as I build a stash of useful paper/objects.

Here’s the front cover.

And some more images of the cover from different angles.

And a few more images from inside.

I’m calling this one finished and I’m moving on.

Yesterday morning I had more fabric play, making some things for my sister. (Caroline, if you’re reading, stop now!)

I bought this New Delhi fabric from Wool Warehouse in the UK with her in mind, because she’s been to India a few times and loves it. Rather than sew a random ‘thing’ and hope for the best, I asked her if there was anything she’d like made out of this fabric. This is what she asked for…

A yoga eye pillow, which she will need to fill with flaxseeds or rice when it arrives in the mail. The spice bowl fabric is the washable cover.

And a peg bag (in UK terms) – clothes pins to you North Americans. I made two patchwork rectangles and lined them with canvas. A bit of shaping with the scissors to match the shape of the child’s clothes hanger inside and it all came together quite easily.

Next, I need to work on the rag quilt. My sewing room floor is covered in denim and flannelette squares which I will be sewing together. As Mr Fixit went out this afternoon to have a cup of tea with friends, I think that I will get started on that shortly.

Ten minute clothes pin (peg) bag


peg bag

Hey, how are you? I’m enjoying a day off today and the sun is shining and it’s going to be hot again. The laundry is out on my brand-spanking-new clothes line which we bought from Amazon, with the brand-spanking-new clothes pins/pegs that we bought from Lee Valley. It just didn’t seem right to use the old weathered pegs on the new line!

The plan is to bring in the pegs each time to get them to last longer so I felt I needed a bag to put them in. I could have crocheted one – nope, too slow – and I could have sewn a fancy one out of pretty cotton, and I could have made one out of an upcycled T shirt, but there weren’t any in the thrift store bag (lots of socks and underwear, but no T shirts)!

I rummaged through my fabric bits and pieces and found this Hello Kitty fleece – it was already a rectangle and I just needed to fold it, square it up, cut a small hole in the folded edge for the plastic hanger, cut an opening and hem it for the access hole, and sew up the sides and bottom. And reinforce the hanger hole, just in case.

And Bob, as they say, is your uncle.

The ripple blanket has grown a bit – if only I could actually spend more time crocheting and less time browsing Ravelry! I know I’d like to get it done before the 17th so I can start the Peacock Tail Bag CAL without a WIP hanging around. Maybe I should have joined the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry, which would have given me a deadline of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics to finish it.

Ah well, I shall do a bit more housework so I can feel justified in getting back to the couch for some more rippling later on.