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PJ day!

PJ day!

Or perhaps, more accurately, “Hello Kitty fleece onesie” day!

Woke up to -20C and snow this morning. Didn’t have to go anywhere, so I pronounced it a onesie day. Washed and dressed in thermals topped with a onesie and after my usual computer stuff I headed down to the sewing room.

I had already started on my new table-runner and placemats. Last weekend, I cut them, spray basted them, and quilted them. I then realised, after doing a bit of math, that I was probably going to be short of binding fabric. I put the project on hold until I could pick up another 20cm of the quilt cotton at work. Today, I was ready to continue.

These are such pretty fabrics. I cut and pressed all the binding and got it all sewn on to the right side of the mats. Only one placemat was actually finished on both sides, by which time I had been at the sewing machine for long enough. It’ll take at least one more sewing session to finish the job, maybe two, as I need to pin the binding over the edge just right and sew it carefully.

After baking chocolate chip cookies, I sat down to check Ravelry etc and found someone in one of the groups who was having a hard time with an instruction on a pattern. So I decided to crochet up this little hedgehog to see if I could help her out. The pattern is called Diddy Hedgehog and you can find it here (non-Ravelry link). In the end, she figured it out herself.

I didn’t know I was going to make the whole thing or I’d have used better colours. I just needed something light to photograph the steps easily. Those bobbles are tiresome, and I’d hate to have a large project with lots of them.

Last time, I showed you a granny stitch beanie. Tonight I finished a cowl to co-ordinate (though the ends aren’t woven in yet). The colours don’t exactly match as I had to use scraps that were big enough to work a whole round (11 grams). The hook is a 6mm this time, and once the tails are tucked away I can wash both items. The cowl is folded in the photo below – it’s actually long enough to double up around my neck.

The cowl and beanie side by side – as you can see they are fraternal, not identical!

I’ve been enjoying the Our Planet series on Netflix narrated by David Attenborough. Makes a change from fiction and I’m learning new things. And now it’s time to hit Publish and get ready for bed, as I am working tomorrow. Take care, keep warm!

Hello Tuesday!


image image

i don’t want to over share, so suffice it to say that Tai Chi Man and I had a rough night’s sleep last night. He caught a tummy bug and was having to stay close to the bathroom on Sunday. Yesterday we thought he was fine but at 3am this morning he was back in there! And so was I! Luckily we have an en suite and a main bathroom upstairs and another full bathroom downstairs, because with the kids not wanting to sleep at night and being in the bathroom last night, and hubby in the en suite, I had to run downstairs.

I am grateful that (a) it does not involve vomiting and (b) it’s not painful.

So I am still in my pjs with oregano oil on my feet, hydrating with lemon water and self-medicating with Yorkshire tea!

And I finished another row of squares on the Grandma’s Knickknacks blanket. (Might as well be productive despite calling in to work sick!)

Progress report:

96 squares done out of a potential 180 (unless I get really fed up with it)

current size 46 x 28.5″

I updated my Ravelry project page and was surprised to see that I started this blanket in May. It’s taken nearly four months to get this far, but I have been making other projects here and there to satisfy my finishitis cravings.

It’s a wet and cloudy day today and the window thermometer is displaying a chilly 12 Celsius, so being indoors and having a crocheted blanket-in-progress on my lap is perfect. A friend of mine said the other day on Facebook that she had already turned on the heating in her house. I identified her problem as not having any crocheted blankets, so I gave her my bulky pink/chocolate ripple blanket, finished earlier this year.

Have a terrific Tuesday!