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Vegan poutine!


We drove from home base to a bigger town yesterday that has a few vegan/plant-based dining options.

We chose The Angry Vegan for lunch and for the first time ever I had poutine, a Canadian tradition that is made with fries, cheese curds (or in this case vegan cashew cheese) and gravy.

It was all right but I don’t think I’d have it again. I’ve been eating rather more of the richer fattier foods this week, like Violife cheese and Beyond Sausages, that have been irritating my acid reflux. I can go long periods without it but every now and then it flares up. It’s usually mild but occasionally feels like it’s burning a hole through my sternum.

We had light snow this morning and the horse in the barn was looking out like he was thinking WTF! If you can see that tiny strip of white in the barn doorway on the left, that’s the horse’s face.

Two more Advent yarns. Such pretty colours!

Thought you’d like this too. I saved it from Facebook yesterday. No idea of the source.

This is so me!