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Some fun projects


Hello! It’s been a fun week. My shift schedule conspired to give me four days off in a row. Two of those days, I was crocheting this crocodile. It will be going off to its intended recipient soon along with a book called The Enormous Crocodile that my boys absolutely loved when they were younger. I must have read it 500 times! My Ravelry project page is here and the pattern for Colin the Crocodile is here. I did have to fudge a little on the head part, as the eye hump was coming out off-centre! It was easy to fix and the rest went as per the pattern.

Thursday, I had a PJ Day! We’ve had the coldest weather of the winter in the last week. I think it dipped to minus 20 Celsius one night. So having a PJ Day was the best! I had a project to sew up for work, so the morning was spent making this apron to go on display at the store, and after a month I’ll get to bring it home and keep it.

FullSizeRender (56)

(All my photos are indoor shots, some in my sewing room in the basement. Not the best lighting.)

This was made with a cotton/Spandex blend in a gorgeous Spring-y print. It was easy to make, even including the bias binding for the ties. I was careful to make my stitches neat and even because I knew it was going to be inspected by co-workers and customers at the store. (The pattern is in the photo. McCall’s 2947, I think.)

The afternoon of my sewing day was spent cooking dinner and dessert, then the evening saw me back in my sewing room. I made two lined fleece neckwarmers from remnants I had brought home ages ago. The video tutorial I followed was from The Crafty Gemini. They were so easy I had both made in about half an hour.


Using exactly the same technique, and more remnants that were lurking in the drawers, I made two infinity scarves as well.

I love these and have already worn the turquoise plaid one a couple of times.

Finally, I whipped up another cowl as a gift, using up some more stash yarn (Loops & Threads Facets).


I took a leaf out of Ross’s book last week. He has the Smells Like Yarn podcast and is currently on a kick to use up some yarn stash. So what he did was pull out various yarns, assign them each a pattern, print them out, and have them queued up ready to cast on in the near future. What I did was queue up about five sewing projects and five yarny projects from stash, so when I spent all that time in my sewing room the other day I was ready to roll. I felt so productive!

I worked today but I’m looking forward to a fun Sunday with Tai Chi Man which will undoubtedly include a cup of tea at our favourite tea shop, a stop at the Holistic Market, and some gym time. Stay warm, folks!



Summery Sunday Summary


This morning wasn’t the best – I burned my arm with boiling water when making soymilk in the Vitamix (went from nothing to max speed with the flick of a switch; note to self – check high speed button is off before switching machine on). And after I hung out the laundry on the clothes line I was walking back up the yard looking at my arm when my head hit a low branch of the apricot tree! I felt a bit sorry for myself for a while.

However, after cleaning off the bits of soybean from the kitchen cupboards (!) and assembling a large potato salad, we all headed south to a friend’s place for a sociable afternoon of hiking, eating and trying out some anti-gravity yoga. The weather was hot and sunny today and we saw red-tailed hawks, deer, mountain goats, and beautiful valley and lake views.

The potluck was delicious, the yoga was fun, and on the drive there and back I played with some Tunisian crochet with some James C Brett Marble Chunky and the double-ended crochet hook that I ‘inherited’ recently. The stitches I experimented with were simple stitch, knit stitch, full stitch, purl stitch and rib (a few rows of each in the swatch below). I need to check You Tube to make sure I was doing the purl correctly, as I was working from memory.

Tunisian crochet is very unstretchy but I do like the look of the knit stitch ¬†and the fact that it’s thick and would make for a very warm item.


See that chocolate bar? Zazubean Sassy – mmmmm!



And the book I’m reading right now? This…



Definitely written for adults, this one!