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Wavy phone bagc


imageThis is an odd little bag for the times I want to go out walking with my hands free but need to carry something small, like a cellphone and keys. It started out with single crochet, then became double crochet, then filet crochet, then back to doubles and singles. I didn’t really like the way the holey sections looked so I worked doubles into the vertical posts and made ruffles. The strap is just a chain, made long enough so that I can wear it across my body. And the button is one I picked up at a discount at work a long time ago.

I used turquoise Willow Wash and a 4.5mm hook and the finished size is about 6.5 x 4 inches.

No lie-in for me tomorrow (Monday) as I have a full day of work again, but Tuesday I won’t be setting any alarms! Have a great day.