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Scrappy fun


I followed through on that idea I mentioned in my last post about using up some stash to make cat mats.


Five strands of random acrylic plus a 19mm hook makes for fast finishes. Once I’d made five, I thought I’d make a nicer version for myself. The floor in my cold room (an unheated cupboard in my basement where we keep our food stores) is freezing in the winter so to save our feet I thought we needed a rug. So I made one.


I rather like the way the colours worked in this one, except maybe for the yellow at the beginning. Still, it feels good to use up random balls and odds and ends of yarn and edit my Ravelry stash to show “all used up.”

Zumba on Sunday morning was as fun as I remember it. Shame I don’t have every Sunday off (working all this weekend) but I will go when I can.

No inspiration for the Lion Brand Mandala yet, but I am keeping my antennae up for mentions of likely patterns online.

Pizza time! Off to eat.


My new rug!


imageI’m so happy with this. I love the colours and the squooshiness and how it brightens up ┬áthe spot in front of my washer and dryer.

I think it weighs abut 5lbs and it certainly burned through a lot of old DK and worsted acrylic that I’d had lying around for some time.

Happy Easter/Ostara/Friday to you all. We are celebrating by going snowboarding en famille. We could tell that yesterday people were getting into the long weekend mood because lots of  them were leaving work early and creating traffic havoc! I hope it is peaceful where you are.

Home day!




Utility room rug WIP


What do you do with a home day?

So far, mine looks like this:

  • get up a little later than usual
  • have a slow start to the action by messing about with email, Facebook, Ravelry etc on my iPad
  • eat breakfast (toast and marmalade, mmm!)
  • put away laundry, do more laundry, clean bathrooms and kitchen, water plants (discover aloe vera is definitely not thriving since I divided it up and repotted, so put the pots in timeout on the deck)
  • enjoy some couch time with my crochet and my video lectures (Chinese Thought meets Modern Science)

Plans for the rest of the day include:

  • prepping dinner
  • tackling the table runner/placemats sewing project (even if I just get this started, I will feel better about it)
  • going for a walk and maybe even picking up some dumbbells for an actual workout

I have to confess that one of my favourite emails to receive is the Google Calendar notification that tells me, “You have no events scheduled for today.” But as you can see, I’m not doing nothing!

Utility room rug


The mat down by my washer and dryer is showing signs of wear. It was crocheted many moons ago with strips of gingham fabric and it used to live in my kitchen. It’s time to say goodbye and replace it with something new.

The new rug is in progress…

…five strands of yarn, made up of two random DK, one random worsted, and two olive green worsted that used to be a cardigan and were knitted up double stranded and therefore frogged and wound into balls double stranded. 10mm hook.

It’s coming out a little wider than expected (tight chain, I guess) but that’s okay. It’s just half double crochet in rows, mindless crochet that I can do without having to concentrate on a pattern.