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More scrappy gifty things


It’s been a good Sunday. We’ve been to the library and I came home with a huge pile of crafty books and magazines to browse through at my leisure. We picked up tea at our favourite tea shop, where Mr Fixit had them smiling at his gnome mask! We went to the gym and burned off a microscopic percentage of the calories we have ingested since the Christmas season’s baking started. And I spent two hours in my sewing rom making two more cuffs.

These cuffs take about ten minutes to make. However the rectangle of scrappy strip fabric that I used to make them took about an hour and a half to create! Not a quick project if you do it this way. I’m happy that I finally used the turtle button from Maui. The one with the silver button is a gift.

When we returned home from the gym, ds3 was in the process of baking more gingerbread cookies. Jeepers, we’re still working on finishing the chocolate babka. And I plan to make some berry crumble bars tomorrow because I have been craving them since the last time I made them. I am thankful for loose comfy pyjamas right now!

Boho Cozy Wrap


A couple of days ago, I started crocheting a ruana type wrap from the blog, Your Everyday Heirlooms. It’s called the Boho Cozy Wrap and is basically a rectangle with a split in it so that the back is all one piece and the front is divided. I had the link in here, lost it, and now I can’t seem to add it…Grrrr! (ETA: link now added)


I grabbed all my worsted weight yarn, all three bags of it, took out the cream, and started in on it. I have made mine larger, a decision which I may come to regret if the thing ends up dragging close to the floor! Instead of 142 chain, I started with about 200. It’s just half doubles back and forth and to contain the randomness a little I’m using regular(ish) stripes of a tweedy green and a black.

Two days of crocheting have yielded a piece that’s 73″ long by 7.5″ wide. It’s actually a perfect scarf size right now. I’m second-guessing my choice to leave in the yellow and pale green (the latter is showing as a very obvious bright strip in the photo) so now I wonder whether I should just continue to make a solid rectangle and call it a blanket.

I don’t know if I’ll wear it out and about with the current colour combo though I am of the opinion that the more colours you put together the less any one of them will stand out as not fitting in.

I don’t have to decide yet though. There are 20 rows done and at least 20 more to go until the instructions for the neck division so I shall mull ┬áit over as I crochet.