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I’m not sure why I’m having issues with posting these days, but I recall that I used to be able to upload a photo to the spot I left my cursor. Now, all photos seem to default to the top of the text and even if I switch to html mode and add spaces I can’t separate them out and add text between.

So frustrating!

Anyhow, what I came here to talk about is the Skylark Scarf (link in my last post). Much as I love the colours in this yarn, I wanted to get it finished and move on to a blanket made with my collection of acrylics in blues, pinks, greens and black.

First, I should tell you I used 2.5 balls of the Lion Brand Unique and a ball of the Harlequin Chunky to make this. I’m going to confuse my Ravelry notebook as not all of the Unique was in my official stash. The scarf is about 70″ long and 12″ deep. It doesn’t look that long in the photos but, believe me, it’s really hard to get a good shot of the whole thing.

Being acrylic, I’m not sure whether blocking will help much, but the ends are twisting quite a lot and the points along the bottom are curling up so you probably can’t even see them in the photos.

So, what’s next? Well, I have a bee in my bonnet about using up some older acrylics, which I’ve piled into a big bag next to my sofa. I have various pinks, greens and blues, and the black Stylecraft Special Aran, and a couple of other black worsted weight leftovers. I have been browsing Ravelry for blanket inspiration and have considered and discarded a number of ideas. Although I don’t want to do lots of joining, I think I will probably go for something modular so that I can take small amounts of yarn out with me and work on it anywhere. I’m leaning towards another Groovyghan or something similar. I like the stained glass effect afghans that have colourful blocks edged in black. Maybe I’ll just start messing about with granny squares and see where it leads.

Ds3 and I had a good hike yesterday on a new trail in our area. An hour and ten minutes of uphill zigzagging and 50 minutes back down. Fantastic views of the lake, valley and mountains. I worked today but am hoping to get two more hikes in Thursday and Friday.

Have a fabulous day.

Skylark Scarf


image image image

I started this scarf this week because I was itching to use this yarn. I had two full balls plus a partial one of the Lion Brand Unique (Garden colourway), and if I need more I can move on to the Stylecraft Harlequin, which I blogged about last week.

The Skylark scarf is asymmetrical and crocheted in rows that are staggered. Each row is always 90 stitches long but they are offset by 5 stitches every other row. The pattern was written for Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, which is worsted weight, but I’m using bulky yarn with a 6.5mm/K hook. I don’t know how big it will end up – right now it’s about 48″ long, and 8″ at its widest point

I worked 8 hours yesterday and 6 today, so I’m looking forward to a couple of days of homebody stuff. I’m covering someone else’s shift on Wednesday so will get a few extra dollars in my paycheque this week. Tai Chi Man and I have decided how to use our week’s vacation in December. We’ll be going to a vegan spa-type retreat for a whole week, right here in BC. Maui can wait!