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WIP: Feelin’ Groovy and feelin’ fine



I was at this stage, evening before last, when I had to stop. Base done, looking a bit wavy in places because it needs blocking. (I have a large glass jar which is the perfect size for blocking the bag over.)

At the end of yesterday, this is where I left it. (Those sc2tog rounds were a b*tch to work into.)


I have designated this as the front, and have my drawstring coming out front and centre. Haven’t added the wooden beads yet as I don’t want them to get wet.


And this is the back. Just the strap to make now. The original strap is a long chain worked into with a row of dcs, I think. I may just use Tunisian instead, then I don’t have that whole fiddly ‘working into lots of chains thing’ going on. I made the drawstring simpler too – it’s just a chain, rather than making a whole row of sc – yuck!

My main colour (ie the colour I used for the last round, the drawstring, and the strap) is the teal, purely because I have three balls of that and only one of each of the other colours. Wouldn’t want to run out part way through the strap.

After three cotton projects, I can’t wait to get back to good old acrylic! SO much easier on the hands.





Just had to share…


The Boho Cozy Wrap is 50% done. I just did the bit where you crochet across halfway, chain for the rest, then hdc back. That’s what the sticky-out-bit is at the top of the photo. That’s the split which will sit around my neck when it’s done. There will be lots of end-weaving on this project, but I like that I’m finishing up a bunch of oddments of worsted weight yarn. The parts I’m not crazy about, like the light green and yellow, I will try some surface crochet or weaving to mute the effect.