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FO: Festival Cardigan


She is done, except for buttons. Unfortunately I don’t have three buttons large enough in my stash so I’ll have to check at work tomorrow.

This took 1300 grams of DK yarn, knitting with five strands at a time. It’s VERY warm. I put it on and it was like wearing a blanket. Great timing as we head into fall.

This made a huge dent in the stash but there’s still yarn left for another project.

FO in 5 days


This is huge (about 3 feet across and 12-13″ deep) but thanks to the super bulky nature of the crocheting it only took five days. (Edited to add link to my Ravelry project page so you can see the changes I made from the original.)

I fitted so much stuff in there, you wouldn’t believe! And it makes a great footstool/extra seat/storage for off-season ¬†blankets, extra pillows, whatever. ¬†You could stash extra bedding in it for your guest room. Yarn stash! Christmas cushions! You name it.

Because I started out using up older random yarn (including frogged yarn from a cardigan) and ended up using some nicer stuff (Willow Wash in my two favourite colours and some Red Heart With Love variegated) I actually prefer the colours in the bottom part which will be hidden while in use.

And now it’s late and I really do need my beauty sleep!





Utility room rug


The mat down by my washer and dryer is showing signs of wear. It was crocheted many moons ago with strips of gingham fabric and it used to live in my kitchen. It’s time to say goodbye and replace it with something new.

The new rug is in progress…

…five strands of yarn, made up of two random DK, one random worsted, and two olive green worsted that used to be a cardigan and were knitted up double stranded and therefore frogged and wound into balls double stranded. 10mm hook.

It’s coming out a little wider than expected (tight chain, I guess) but that’s okay. It’s just half double crochet in rows, mindless crochet that I can do without having to concentrate on a pattern.

A hat with pizzazz!


A very quick hat made the same way as my Very Vivid Hat which I blogged about here.  Photo taken last night so not very sharp. This is a super-super bulky yarn, and though I used a 15mm hook I think a 19mm would have been better. One always thinks that the bigger the hook, the easier the work, but while it goes fast it can be quite a workout for the arms!

This is Red Heart Vivid in Purple Pizzazz, one skein, plus a purple  fake fur pompom from Premier Yarns that we sell in-store at work. They are in my opinion expensive for what they are, but there was a grab bag in the staff room one day with some freebies and I nabbed this.