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FO: Woolly sheep


The granny square coat has been revived and I have worked on some more squares. I am close to finishing the 62 squares but, as always happens when I’m working on a large project, I am itching to actually finish something. Finishing a few smaller projects makes me feel more productive and gives me that Finished Object buzz!


Quite some time ago, a friend gave me a bag of garage sale yarn and there were four balls of this Astrakan in it. It reminds me of some poodle-type yarn that I used as a teenager to knit a sweater. THAT didn’t go well. Obviously even if I did understand the importance of gauge at the time, how on earth can you count stitches per inch with this stuff?! The sweater came out huge.

I have this bee in my bonnet about making small gifts for my co-workers. It’s not for Christmas, it’s for anytime, and I like to surprise them with a little something in their baskets now and then. I haven’t done anything for a while, but today I was feeling the urge to make some small things from stash. I spent some time looking at ideas on Ravelry this afternoon and it was VERY hard not to rush down to the yarn stash and start something then and there. However I had a walk, cleaned the bathrooms, watered the plants, put the dinner on like a good wifey and finally was able to check out the stash.

Ooh, this yarn is soft. It was made in Italy, there are 100 grams in a ball (3.57 ounces),  45 metres (49 yards), and it’s 100% acrylic. Perfect stuff for a sheep really. So that’s what I made. I just made it up as I went. You can’t really see where you’re putting the hook so I winged it, made a general sheep shape, stuffed it, added a bit for the top of the head, then made a face and some feet with Stylecraft Special Aran and sewed them on.

Below are photos of my sheep standing and lying down so you can have a proper look!


Now I want to grab a bigger hook and make something else, something snuggly. I wonder if it would make a good cowl.


FO: Base



Base the Bear is done. I realise that the designer probably named the pattern Base because it’s just the first in a planned line of similar creatures based on the same shape, but maybe I should come up with a cuter name. (There is a dog pattern too.)

Maybe Fred. Or Blue. Or Mabel.

Anyway, I made the arms today and sewed them on and decided to leave the face as is. The bear is about 7″ tall and crocheted with three colours of Stylecraft Special DK (turquoise, cloud blue and lipstick) and a 3.25mm hook.

And now I have no reason not to continue with the ripple blanket which, for some reason, I keep avoiding.

But maybe not tonight. Maybe instead I’ll pick up one of the books I’m reading – one is called Six Impossible Things before Breakfast by Lewis Wolpert (all about humans and belief) and the other is The New Good Life by John Robbins. I also have the option of Mary Stuart by Stefan Zweig, which is my own book, not a library book, and was a gift from a friend.

Have a good night/day!


It’s all about that Base!


OK, I’ve probably given you an earworm now, right? It’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble…

But in this case, Base is the name of the pattern I’ve been working on today. I didn’t realise that the CAL for the bag would be such a short commitment this week, so I’ve been able to do other things. And with today being a home day, with only a bit of cooking and laundry to do, I’ve had lots of time to crochet. (And lift a few weights so it wasn’t a totally sedentary day.)

It’s a bear…and he’s ‘armless!


Totally ‘armless.

He will have arms soon, I promise, but I’ve had enough of this project today. It’s been a bit of a struggle in places, working DK with a 3.25mm hook, making the leg tubes, joining them at the top, and mucking about with the ears. The instructions for the ears don’t seem to make sense so, like many others who commented on their Ravelry project pages, I fudged it to make it look right!

I’m not really happy with the eyes and nose – I didn’t have safety eyes and anyway I want to offer this bear for sale with the ripple blanket as a baby toy/blanket set, so I embroidered them. The tails are still hanging out the back of his head in case I change my mind.

He needs arms which, in the pattern, are striped like the body of his little sweater. However I can’t face the thought of multiple colour changes in such a narrow tube so I’m going to make them red.

He’s about 7″ or 18cm tall, which is smaller than the designer’s version, who gave a finished dimension of 25cm. I didn’t check my gauge because I wasn’t bothered about the finished size.

Base will rest overnight on my coffee table, and hopefully he won’t get an itch anywhere because he doesn’t have any hands to scratch with…yet.