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Hanging nest



I’ve been feeling a little guilty at neglecting the WIP* that was the hanging nest for orphaned critters, but it was just so painful to work on. Within a few stitches, the tight gauge would cause discomfort.

However tonight I had some more of my course videos to watch and I wasn’t so tired from work that I was just going to lie on the couch with my iPad. So I picked up the nest project and darn well finished it!

The buttons don’t coordinate at all with the yarn but the animals won’t care.

And now I am WIPless – all projects finished, and a whole realm of crochet possibilities in front of me. Decisions, decisions!

image*WIP = Work in Progress

Crocheted cave



My cave seems to have a bigger window than the photo in the pattern, and the ‘roof’ isn’t as neat. I think in future I would work in spirals rather than joining each round. This is the smallest size, with a 3″ diameter base.

One more for Wildlife Rescue Nests.





My first nest



As expected, the tight gauge of this nest was a little hard on the hands. I may have to alternate between these nests for Wildlife Rescue Nests, as blogged about yesterday, and something with a more relaxed gauge.

This one is the smallest size, 3″ in diameter and 3″ deep.

I started up a project page on Ravelry, and rather than make a new page for each nest I think I’ll just add future ones to the same page.



FO and nests for wildlife


I have found my next project, and probably many more after that. Wildlife Rescue Nests is an organisation founded in Canada which has spread to many other countries. They have a Facebook page and a website.

If you wish to knit or crochet nests for orphaned animals and birds and donate them to your local rescue agencies, you will need to sign up on the Facebook page, read the terms and conditions, and download the patterns. They are made with two strands of medium weight yarn and worked tightly to make them as firm as possible. Such cute photos of the nests in use by tiny rescued creatures!

Tonight however I have finished my scrappy basket. Once again, it’s nighttime and I only have living room shots! Final measurements when laid flat – 16″ across and 17″ deep. I stuffed my Boho Cosy Wrap inside it to show it standing up so I can attest to the fact that it will hold a lot of yarn.

This project used ALL my small random balls of yarn, although I have to confess to tossing out a little bit of laceweight that I just couldn’t see myself ever using, and a small quantity of super bulky has been tucked in with some of its friends downstairs.

I made it up as I went along, starting with a chain at the bottom centre, which I worked around in an oval until it was big enough, then continued without increasing for the sides. I decreased six stitches about a third of the way up, then repeated that about two thirds of the way up. The top edge is finished with reverse sc.

I’ve only woven in a couple of ends around the top/handles, and I may just leave the rest. It’s not quite as self-supporting as I’d hoped, so I shall just have to keep it filled with yarn and/or a project.