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Just checking in…


Hi all

It’s been a few days since my last blurb about the next project in my queue. The new yarn is still tucked away with the book and pattern and I have been diligently crocheting away on the squares for the Coatigan. After all, Winter Is Coming and I will definitely appreciate a snuggly yarny coat/mega cardigan. Best to get that done and then start on the baby stuff.

Want to see how many squares I have now?



Only 14 more to go and I can lay them out ready for joining. In the above photo, they are randomly placed but when crunch time comes I will want to try and avoid overly similar squares being placed next to each other. Taking a photo is actually a good way to see whether the colours are balanced.

My bag of yarn is getting quite skinny and I’m burning through the black. What a great stashbuster!

It was a really busy day at the store today and I was on cash. I realised some time ago that being on cash means that you deal with every customer who comes into the store (unless we’re so busy that we have  a second till open). This means that you interact with more people and have to do a fair amount of brainwork (because all items are entered manually, no barcode scanning) so it is more mentally tiring. Working at a cutting table means you interact with fewer people, but have more physical work in the way of lifting bolts of fabric and putting them away.

Either way, working under artificial lights (even  if we do have a whole wall of windows) and standing on a concrete floor for hours is pretty taxing and when I get home I just want to veg out. Thank God for crochet, is all I can say!

So, what are you making?

WIP: The cowl that became a hat



Well, almost.

I was crocheting away on this piece of Tunisian full stitch, thinking it was going to be a cowl, and then I remembered that the last rectangular piece that I made with this yarn also became a cowl. Hmmmm, what to do?

Ah yes, slipstitch the ends together, and add a half double crochet crown, and it’s a hat.

I’ll also need to add a row or two around the brim. I really hope this looks okay when it’s done: the hdc (with a smaller hook) looks so different from the Tunisian texture. But I haven’t learned how to do Tunisian in the round yet so had to improvise.

We are having a heatwave here – the temperatures this week are in the 30s, varying somewhat between the hotter town area where it’s all paved, the lakeshore, and our neighbourhood which is a little way out of town and higher up. It’s not surprising to see 37 (as I did today according to my car’s outside thermometer) with it dropping as I cross the bridge over the lake and another couple of degrees change as I get close to home (32).

I would have taken the boys to the lake for a swim but they are so unadventurous.

Instead here I am, sitting at the dining room table at my laptop with the ceiling fan running (no AC).

I read a huge library book in two days this week. It’s called Broken Harbour by Tana French. It’s a detective/homicide sort of thing set in Ireland. I also had a huge headache that took a long while to wear off (a couple of days) which I think may have been due to the excessive reading. You may scoff, but I have problems with both eyes, and whilst the left one focuses to read, the right one does not. So my theory is that it was eyestrain. Must remember to spread my reading time out more.

W0rk is getting interesting. Inventory time looms which means we are spending all our time in between customers making sure all the fabrics are in their right groups, laid down horizontally instead of the usual way of displaying them upright and draped, highlighting barcodes ready for counting and weighing. The bolts of fabric get weighed on commercial scales, and we also have to count all notions like spools of thread, packets of needles, etc etc. One day is set aside for fabrics (though the store is still open for most of that time) and another day for notions (a Sunday, and the aim is to get as much as possible done before opening time at noon). It’s a bit crazy, especially when we have customers messing up the organisation or wanting to wander into the section being weighed. I think that closing for the day would make more sense, but it’s not my decision.

So, enough waffling, it’s time to get dinner prepped. I hope you’re having some decent summer weather where you are (if you’re in the northern hemisphere).








What gorgeous weather we are having this week! I’m not sure how warm it got, officially, but it’s been in the twenties Celsius, which is 70s Fahrenheit.

Yesterday, after a visit with a friend, I had a bit of time to spare before going to work at 4pm. I wanted to get some exercise in, but also some sunshine, so I multi-tasked by putting on my swimsuit and taking my yoga mat out to the deck along with my resistance bands. Hopefully I didn’t scare any of the neighbours with my flab and downward facing dog! It was hot, as the back deck faces south, and I probably was out there for less than half an hour.

My shift at the store was 4-9pm, and it was really quiet. I wore my favourite turquoise maxi skirt which meant I had to break out the summer shoes…except I should have worn some knee high stockings with them, because in a very short time I had nasty blisters and it was really painful to walk.

This morning was all about errands and this afternoon another frying (sunbathing) session.  Dinner was a rather tasty purple yam/eggplant/broccoli curry, which sounds like an odd combination but it worked well.  And finally a walk with Tai Chi Man to round off all the things on my mental To Do list.

So, to the bag (finally, you say)! I found a fabric remnant at work last night, 0.3 of a metre for $1.35, which has the perfect colours for lining the Autumn bag. I have sewn the lining and pinned it in around the top of the crocheted bag, and started making a strap with Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss). This is the only Tunisian crochet that I know how to do! One of the things I like about it is that there’s no turning the work every row, which is good when the rows are only 8 stitches long.

Do you join in on CALs or KALs (Crochet- or Knit-alongs)? I have mixed feelings about them. I see some wonderful designs but start to wonder whether I’ll stick with them for the duration. There’s the Frida’s flowers blanket, the Last Dance on the Beach one, the Everything is Cool and Groovyghan one. If you want to know more about these, check out the Colourful CALs/KALs group on Ravelry, as they are talking about these three and many others. The Groovyghan one is most appealing to me right now, as I love granny squares, but it started back in January and runs until September. I could catch up, I’m sure, I just need to make a decision (that’s the hard part).

Ah well, back to the hooking. Ttfn

(edited to add link to Ravelry group)


Crochet and life update


Today, the fabric store at which I work was open from 12 until 5. When I arrived at 11.50, the parking lot was already full of customers itching to part with their cash! There was a sale on, and we were all cutting non-stop for five hours. No one had a coffee break. Almost all of the bolts of fabric that I handled were just stacked up by the side of my table and I didn’t have time to put them away. As tai chi man was waiting outside to drive me home, I left the mess behind; it was already 20 minutes past closing and the last customer was only just leaving too.

It was lovely to get home, eat dinner and slump on the couch in my pjs.

So here’s the latest in my crochet world…


Mrs Brown’s cowl – 95% done, just one last super bulky strand to weave through and some joining and weaving in of ends to go,


This teapot is my latest acquisition. I went into the mall to buy a teapot as a gift for a friend. I found this cute style in three colours so I bought a dark grey one as a gift and this one for me,

Then I had to design a teacosy to go with the gift teapot. The prototype isn’t, in my humble opinion, good enough to give away, so I’m going to keep it and make another slightly different one. The yarn is Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky in Meadow/viola.

Rather lumpy teacosy

Rather lumpy teacosy



The pretty colours aren’t showing well in this light. I will have to get a better photo of the next one, which will, I hope, be somewhat more attractive!