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Checking in


Hi everyone. As expected, I don’t have any projects to show you because of my cast, but someone gave me a box of yarn last week!

I weeded out a couple of things and this is what I decided to keep.

There’s some vintage stuff in there, that’s for sure.

It’s a beautiful day today. The sun is shining on the snow and I was able to open the windows on the south side of the house for a couple of hours. I even went for a walk. It was icy in places, slushy in others, and I was careful to pay attention to my footing.

The weekend was fun, as it included a meal out, a concert, a market and a movie. Not all on the same day.

Have a great week!

Ooooh, new yarn!


I’m so happy to announce my new arrival – yarn in the mail from Wool Warehouse!


It’s Scheepjes (my first ever Scheepjes) Linen Soft which is a DK weight blend of 27% linen, 47% cotton and 26% acrylic. The silver grey colourway is called Heron and the pink is Hummingbird. These are 50 gram balls and I should have enough of the grey to make myself the top that I linked to in my last post, and enough of the pink for the baby dress.

I just love the organza bags that WW sends their yarn in too.

Along with the yarn, I ordered two shade cards, one for Stylecraft Special DK and one for Scheepjes Colour Crafter. It’s helpful to have actual samples of the yarn instead of working off a computer screen, especially a PC!

I’m sure these will come in useful for future project planning.

I have a non-yarny FO for this week. The curtains for my sewing room are finished and hung.

It’s a colourful flowery print on a black background which adds a nice bit of colour to my boring sewing room!

The temperature has been cooler today but the valley is filled with smoke again. The sun has an orange tint to it. I’m not sure where the smoke is blowing in from this time but there are plenty of suspects.

Last night we had a pleasant evening down at the beach with our boys and the senior couple I call their local grandparents. It was windy, which made for a comfortable temperature, and we found a picnic bench under a tree to eat lots of food followed by some frisbee and bocce in the field across the road.

Have a happy crafting week!

Stash Enhancement eXpedition


S.E.X. = more yarn for me!


Michaels have a pretty good sale on right now and I went there today with a couple of coupons. As it turned out, the yarn that caught my eye was on sale (from $13 down to $6) so I didn’t need the coupons, and the yarn fumes might have gone to my head a bit. I bought eight 200gram skeins, two of each colour.

No specific plans for them – just tucking them into stash with the thought that they might make nice scarves.

What would you make with these?

Time for a flash…


Nudge nudge, wink wink!

Flash your Stash, I mean. Yes, it’s January, and that means there’s a new thread on Ravelry’s Yarn forum where people can pull out their yarn, photograph it, and show it off. There’s actually a good reason to do this. If you have a lot of wool, it’s good to “toss the stash” every now and then to check for moths or carpet beetles. (Not an issue for me, obviously.) Also, you get to see what you have. It’s easy to forget the treasures if they lie buried most of the time. My yarn is mostly on view in clear zip top storage bags in cubbies in my craft room,  but when I laid it out on my queen size futon it surprised me how  much I had. And that’s another good reason to pull it out – to stop you from impulse buying a craptonne more yarn when you’re not using up what you have.

So, I flashed my stash in January last year. At the time, I had a lot of worsted/aran weight yarn but had just bought some DK colour packs from Deramores. I was a bit nervous about the skinnier yarn, wondering how I would get along with it.

This year’s stash flash shows a heavier emphasis on DK, then worsted, then the usual random skeins of bulky, super bulky and novelty. I didn’t buy the novelty yarn – it was given to me. May end up clearing that out.

Anyway, here’s the main photo. This is my queen size futon, and it only just fits. I think I’d be uncomfortable with more than this as I’d feel like it was too much pressure!


I did  a lot of stashbusting this year with projects that used multiple strands of yarn, like a pouf, rugs, wraps, blankets and more. Since my large Deramores order at the beginning of last year, there have only been a few small purchases, like the Red Heart With Love and the souvenir yarn from my holiday. Plus one Wool Warehouse order where I bought extra gold for the Demelza blanket and extra black for the granny square coat.

The only colour pack I haven’t broken into is the Stylecraft Special DK Coast Pack. Fifteen balls of loveliness which may eventually become a sweater.

And now it’s all packed away neatly again. The only WIP I have going right now is the Hungry Caterpillar blanket. I didn’t think to include that in the flash, but there will be a fair whack of Impeccable left over when I’m finished.

Have you ever flashed your stash?



A sewing project



My table runner project went well and I managed to finish it in a day, some before dinner and some afterwards.

I had had my eye on this range of fabric for ages, and as soon as it was marked down at work I snapped it up, along with some batting, to make a table runner and placemats. This is a preprinted panel, which I backed with the batting and  blossom fabric, and the placemats will be made with the blossoms and a coordinating all over heron fabric.

Today I was meeting two different friends for coffee/tea and had a couple of hours in between so popped into Michaels with a coupon and  gift card.  Often, I can walk around the whole store and leave empty handed, but today I discovered some new yarn and it was so pretty I brought some home.

It’s called Loops & Threads Chameleon, it comes in 100 gram balls, it’s 62% acrylic, 38% polyester, and this particular colourway is Rainbow. It feels very soft. I shall add it to the stash for now until the right project comes along.







Sunday night miscellany

  1. Our iMac hard drive died this week and we are hoping that a techie can recover some of the data or we’ve lost a tonne of stuff. Yes, I know we should have backed it all up.
  2. A friend gave me a bag full of pink yarn and a partially completed blanket. It’s a pretty pattern – I may attempt to continue it, though I don’t have a written pattern and would have to figure it out, and I don’t know what size hook she was using.
  3. Another friend is moving house and passed on a big bag of oddments so I gathered the reds, oranges and browns (there was a lot of wool in there) and made a teacosy. I started it Saturday morning while a passenger in my own car and finished it tonight. It is crazy and flowery hence its Ravelry name: Crazy Flowery Teacosy. Photos include naked basic teacosy and flower-embellished finished result.
  4. I am working six out of the next seven days and am wondering whether I’ll have the time or inclination to crochet and blog. I still have my Chinese philosophy course lectures to watch and I’m a bit behind.

Have a great week!

Ahem…yarn acquisition


No, I haven’t broken my yarn ban. This yarn was being destashed by a co-worker and while I am not one to use novelty yarns as a rule, I would like to see if there is something creative I can do with ruffle yarn that doesn’t involve making a scarf!



The top one, rather endearingly called Biggy-Bump Chenille, is a popcorn-type yarn which I could use for arm knitting, stranded with a few other yarns.

The Law of Attraction!


I seem to be doing a good job of bringing Yarn into my life right now. As soon as I declared myself to be on a yarn diet, I was given these…




Red Heart With Love, 100% acrylic, four 5oz skeins in Fruit Punch. The colours are pretty, and I tried to capture them with a closeup. There’s red, orange, turquoise, green and plum in there. Not sure how long the colour changes are and I will have to pick my project carefully to allow for the variegation.

Then, as I was leaving work today, one of my co-workers said she had been meaning to bring in a bag of yarn for me to look at. So tomorrow, if she remembers, I might get to add a little more to the stash. But it’s all kosher because I’m not buying more yarn, right?

Stash is packed away



OK, the yarn is all packed away again. It looks a lot, spread out on the floor, but not so much when tucked in its cubbies in bags or crocheted baskets. Centre top are some FOs which are waiting for their recipients to make themselves known. Five sections of the hutch are full of yarn, plus there’s a bit more on top of my button stash and in the knitted bag bottom right. The knitting, sewing and quilting books were pulled out and reorganized, and the pile of paperwork bottom left (which came out of my patterns binder) was ruthlessly weeded to about half of that quantity. I have made some notes in the black binder of which patterns I might hook up to which yarn, and I’ve also printed out some patterns from my Ravelry queue to inspire me.

I tend to be lazy and make stuff on the fly with crochet. Rather than follow a pattern, I’d rather be making it up as I go along, but this year I think I will be crocheting up other people’s ideas.

Wow, I’d forgotten how easy it is to type properly on a real keyboard rather than an iPad. And the photo loaded so effortlessly. I think I may have to make a point of using the iMac to blog in future – it’s worth it!

I joined another Ravelry group today (just as well I weeded out a couple of groups recently too, or I’d be really swamped). It’s called Creative Crochet Workshop and I heard about it by looking at the Hot Right Now patterns on the patterns tab. There is a Mystery Crochet-Along (MCAL) starting January 20th for a scrappy scarf. I added the MCAL to my queue and joined the group so I can keep up with the clues, which will run for four weeks.

Is anyone else having a New Year energy spike? I’m having a smoothie cleanse this week (along with Tai Chi Man), find myself cleaning out extra drawers and cupboards in my house in addition to the usual weekly houseclean, and feel so much better now that my craft room is all neat and tidy again. What next? Actual dusting? Hmmm…..

PS: forgot to mention that despite my good intentions to not acquire any more yarn for a while, I was GIVEN some today. That is actually acceptable according to the yarn ban-along. It was yarn that was sent to the store that I work at in error. I think it’s Red Heart I Love This Yarn in a variegated colourway that we don’t actually stock. So they presumably are sending us the correct yarn and the manager said I could have the wrong stuff. Four skeins of it! Had to smile 😉