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The cowl grows


The cowl is getting bigger. That red stripe was unexpectedly wide for a spot of evening knitting on the sofa. It’s nice to have some mindless knitting in the round to do. No pattern to juggle.
The room at my mum’s is very bright and attractive, upstairs with a sloping roof. Very modern too, as she bought the house only a few years ago, brand new, in a 55+ development.


Yesterday was fun – I joined in with a fundraiser for Autism Jersey where we lined up with our hands in gloves glued to pipes that had metal scaffolding poles through them, and played human table football (foosball)! Some of the guys kicked the ball hard and high and I ended up with a few bruises but avoided a smashed in face so I suppose I should be grateful 🙂


My hair and T shirt coordinate quite well.

I expect I will have to eat super clean when I get home because I’m eating a lot of things I don’t usually have these days. Decadent cakes, sweet potato fries, cookies…must keep walking.

iPad is playing up again so ta ta for now.

Crochet kits


I don’t have a lot to show for this week. There were actually a couple of days when I didn’t pick up hook or needles until I realised that my mild anxiety over my upcoming holiday would be smoothed out by making something simple. I pulled out some Bernat Handicrafter last night and crocheted a dishcloth and felt better.

However I do want to show you these kits…

IMG_6492 (1)

I work at a fabric store which also stocks a small amount of yarn. Every now and then, some boxes arrive which must be part of some sort of buy-out. I once bought a dozen facecloths, really smooshy ones, for about 40 cents each. This time, it was these kits. My boss showed me the kits and I thought, well, those are going to be expensive, maybe $30 each, so I doubt I’ll get one. Then she looked up the retail price on them and it was……$3.40!!! OMG! Less my staff discount, I picked up these three kits for less than ten bucks. (Those kits were gone, mostly to staff, within 24 hours!)

They have yarn, pattern, crochet hook, darning needle, toy stuffing, safety eyes – basically everything you need.  I don’t know how great the acrylic yarn is, or how strong the plastic hook will be considering it’s a 3mm, but I have metal hooks so that’s not an issue.

The monkey and the rabbit came in larger boxes but the monster was in a smaller one, and I was amused to open the monster kit and find it all vacuum packed within an inch of its life.

FullSizeRender (20)

I cut those packets open to let everything puff up back to normal.

So yes, my holiday starts Monday and it involves three flights, one of which is about 9 hours long, across the Atlantic. DS1 is coming with me. Of course packing is easy, as we keep it light to avoid baggage check-in and waiting at the carousels, and the biggest decision is my travel knitting/crochet.

After a lot of Ravelry browsing, I was inspired by a colour change cowl and had a lightbulb moment. I am therefore taking eight colours of my Deramores Studio DK and my sets of interchangeable Knitpicks needles and Denise hooks. The plan is to start knitting a cowl or scarf in the round, casting on after going through airport security here, and change colour for each leg of the journey. There’s always so much waiting around at airports, knitting opportunities in planes and cabs and during one’s holiday, that I should be able to finish a project in the two weeks I’m away. And if I need more yarn, I can pick some up over there.

This weekend involves some last minute shopping, bread baking, laundry and cleaning. The Plant-Based Nutrition presentation that I was going to do tonight has been postponed so that’s freed up about five hours, if you count travelling time, so I am less pressured. Tomorrow we have a potluck lunch at someone else’s house.

We have had an abnormally wet spring here in the Central Okanagan (BC, Canada) and with the milder temperatures, the melting snowpack and the rain have caused the creeks to burst their banks in many places and the lake to rise quickly. It is managed at the south end by a dam, but it’s rising faster than it can be released. We’ve had flooding in a number of areas on both sides of the lake, and people evacuated or on alert. Thankfully we are high and dry here, away from the lake and any creeks, and the lawn is about a foot deep in new green growth, the trees have leafed out and the lilac has blossomed. Tai Chi Man says he’s going to mow the lawn this weekend, which is a shame in a way, but it does look tidier when it’s all one length, even if it IS a mixture of grass, yarrow, weeds, and bulbs.

Well this turned into a long spiel so I shall sign off. If things are quiet around here, you’ll know why. I’ll be having too much fun with my mum, my sister, her daughter-in-law and the new baby! This holiday is all about the women!


Cabin love


It’s such a wonderful time, recharging one’s batteries away from the usual work and home commitments. Everything is simplified, especially the meals. The snowshoeing at Larch Hills Nordic ski area was lovely and peaceful. The snow was pretty crispy and compacted but it was still nice to have a couple of hours tromping through the woods.

We also drove up to Salmon Arm, which is the nearest sizeable town, for a cup of tea. My favourite corner of town is the one where Hudson and McLeod intersect. You have Intwined Fibre Arts yarn store on one side, across the road is Culinary Inspirations who make a decent inexpensive cup of tea or coffee as well as selling kitchen stuff and gourmet foods, and across from that is the Saga public art gallery.







Can’t beat waking up to that view in the mornings.

And the specs on the latest arm knit – Loops & Threads Chunky (REALLY chunky, actually super-bulky, 27 yards to 5.2oz) in the colourway Stonewashed. I bought two skeins and used part of the second because it wasn’t quite long enough to double around the neck with only one.

This is a gift for a friend. It’s fun to play with yarn in different colours than I usually use. The colours in this are natural neutrals and work well together.

i’m baaaack


I actually returned from my two-and-a-bit weeks away on Tuesday, but I’ve been jetlagged and swamped with laundry and taking the kids places. Dad’s funeral was on the second full day of our stay. I was nervous as heck about presenting the eulogy with my sister. We both wondered whether we’d get through it without choking up. Thankfully we made it through, with a few tears afterwards when the music was playing. Quite a few people came, including many who worked with my dad and mum at the bank when they were in their twenties. We went to a hotel afterwards and had a buffet which gave us more time to socialise with those who wanted to talk.

France was so clear from the east coast of Jersey that you could see the wind turbines

The rest of the holiday was spent getting out and about. Tai Chi Man and I didn’t just take our three boys – we also took along ds2’s best friend, a girl, though not a “girlfriend.” It meant we had to take two cars out to carry everyone, so we borrowed FIL’s car plus the one that had been my dad’s, a newer Fiesta Zetec, which I really enjoyed driving.

a wall lizard, one of many at Mont Orgueil castle

The museums and other historical sites in Jersey could really teach a lesson in interpreting history to the people in my city. Brilliantly done, the main museum, the Maritime museum, Mont Orgueil castle, Elizabeth Castle, La Hougue Bie, the War Tunnels – lots of well-presented history lessons of Jersey’s past from Neolithic times through Norman times and World War Two.

knitted ship at the maritime museum

Sadly, not much in the way of beach strolls – we really had a lot of rain, and it wasn’t just my imagination. The first week of October brought the precipitation of a month! The last few days were drier and sunnier so we did get in a couple of walks around the country lanes. The one time I did walk with my sister and her friends along the beach, I was caught in a hailstorm and got absolutely soaked.

knitters did their bit in WWII

We made sure to stop at tearooms and coffee shops so that the kids could inhale their quota of “chips” aka fries. Most of the time we ate in (staying at the in-laws), shopping at supermarkets and cooking for ourselves, though there was a dinner out with the family – 18 of us took over a small restaurant owned and operated by friends of my sister. If you’re ever in the vicinity, I recommend Bracewell’s. Call ahead for special requirements.

amphibious vehicle for getting across to elizabeth castle when the tide is up

We also visited Durrell, the world-famous wildlife centre which works to breed endangered animals and return them to the wild. They also educate people from all around the world in animal conservation. They had a new arrival – a baby gorilla – though it was hard to see as its mother was being understandably protective of her baby and her privacy.

Elizabeth castle

Our flights all went well and on schedule. We had to take three flights each way, with a taxi transfer between Heathrow and Gatwick. Eighty miles an hour on the M25 got us there in time, though I definitely recommend a 5 hour gap between arrival at one and departure from the other – three hours was only just enough.

La Hougue Bie, man-made mound, passage grave and chapel

I knitted a couple of the DanDoh scarves – photos to follow as they’re in the dryer. In the end, I didn’t wear one at the funeral, but I did wear it another time. Mine is a yellow green with a cast on/bind off edge of purple, and the other is reversed, purple with green edges. I intend to give the purple one as a gift.

arty shot of typical British fare

That’s it for now. Talk to you again soon.

Liberation Day


During my stay in Jersey, I joined my sister in heading down to Liberation Square for the Liberation Day celebrations. May 9th 1945 was the day that the Channel Islands were liberated from occupation by the Germans, and every year there are parades and a memorial service and a reconstruction of events. Even though I spent my first 30 years living in Jersey, I had never participated – probably for some of the “locals” it’s considered a tourist thing and they’d rather avoid the crowds.

Here are some of my photos from the day…

one of my favourite photos from the whole holiday

there were old military vehicles



huge screens were set up so that as many people as possible could see what was going on


military personnel parading through the town


pipe band

marching band

veterans waiting by the Royal Square to parade down to the Weighbridge

soldiers gathering on the balcony of the Pomme D’Or Hotel, just as they did in 1945


Christmas goodies


These are the cutest gifts I received last night….some “fair isle” type slippers from ds1 and a mini Puffle keychain from ds3. I saw the keychains in ToysRUs and loved them, so I dropped big hints!

I am calling the Puffle “Pansy” because ds3 tells me he has named all of his. Even though he’s 13, he still wanted another Puffle for his collection, so I bought him a pink one….not wanting to stereotype.

I also have a $10 gift certificate to spend at my LYS (that won’t last long :)). And my Knitpicks needles are winging their way to me – very excited about those.

I was up early – I can’t say BRIGHT and early because I was very bleary-eyed – at 6.15am so that I could phone the family to wish them Happy Christmas. My sister is hosting again – her husband, her two teens, his two teens, one girlfriend, and my parents – so I called early enough (2.15pm their time) that they had just finished eating lunch but hadn’t imbibed so much that they were incoherent!!! (My dad’s going to love that comment if he reads this. ;-P )

Tai Chi Man and I went out yesterday to browse the video rental store. Obviously internet access has caused demand to drop dramatically, because large chains like Blockbuster Video, Rogers and Movie Gallery have all closed down in our area. Now we are left with one source – Leo’s Videos. It’s a treasure trove of a place, stocking not only new releases but thousands of older movies, TV series, foreign films – you name it.

We also dropped in at our favourite local bookstore, Mosaic Books, and I found my favourite family calendar marked down 50%. That’s when I like to buy calendars! This is a particularly good one, with a week to view, plenty of room to write in appointments, notes and even the daily meal plans. I also splurged on two boxes of those magnetic poetry sets – one Haiku and one happiness – and had a very pleasant hour after I arrived home putting the words on the fridge and playing around with them.

haiku composed by ds2

haiku composed by ds2

haiku by me

not haiku!

also not haiku

deep existential stuff, eh

happiness is...

this one's mostly in focus!

If you’ve made it through all those, well done! I probably should get out of these pajamas now, kick some kids out of bed, and help them with the paper route as a way of forcing myself to get outside for some exercise.




















have a cool yule


We celebrated Yule tonight. It was rather unusual for us to do it on the 24th, as for about the last five years we have had our feast day on the Solstice. However Tai Chi Man and I had a commitment on Tuesday, and today worked well. He started work extra early so that he could be home early.

LegoNut made a meal plan some time ago, which I synchronized with my own meal plan ideas, and we ended up with a Greek-themed Yule dinner.

Greek Potatoes…

Greek Salad…


I Googled “vegan spanakopita” and sort of followed the recipe! Except that I didn’t use fresh dill, or onions, or garlic. But it was still good. (In case you don’t know, spanakopita is Greek for spinach pie. This one was made with lots of spinach and tofu, plus olive oil, lemon, oregano and nutmeg.) The fillo pastry is a vegan organic one I found at my local health food store. It’s made from spelt flour. It was very fragile, but breakages don’t really matter once the layers are put together and the filling covered over.

Garlic bread…

We were quite restrained on the gift giving this year. The kids didn’t have any money to spend, so they didn’t get anything for each other or the parents. WorldTraveller received a sketch book (exactly to his specifications – black stiff cover, ring binding, blank pages) and an entertaining book by The Onion that he saw in Mosaic Books a few weeks ago and I agreed to buy on the basis that it would be part of his Yule gifts. Plus some cash and some snacks from the health food store.

NinjaBoy received a Tron Legacy T shirt, similar snacks as his brother, and cash. He has a fair whack of it it accumulated, thanks to his September birthday and Christmas money from his grandparents. He now has enough for an iPod Touch, which is the only thing he really wants right now.

LegoNut received a Megatron (Transformers) T shirt, snacks and cash from us and his grandparents.

So our day tomorrow will be very relaxing and low key. Maybe I could spend part of it planning my next knitting project because I really need something to get my teeth into. And I should exercise too, because these mince pies really make me feel fat!

Ah well, it’s getting late. I will sign off for now. Best wishes for the rest of 2010 and for 2011.