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Relaxing weekend


I thought it was going to feel hotter this weekend. My weather app was giving me a heat warning. It didn’t actually feel too bad, even though it went up to around 30.

Even sleeping was OK because it cooled off at night. And my sewing room stays cool because it’s on the north side of the house and half of the wall is below ground level. Seems like a good reason to sew!

I made another mug rug because I liked the first one so much and wanted to make a second one that was better (I got the binding right this time).

And I wanted to make a bag to contribute to the Dodgy Bag MAL that Ali of Little Drops of Wonderful is running this month.

I used a remnant of green vinyl and some quilt cotton with a light interfacing. The print dictated the height but to my eye it’s a little disproportionate. Too tall for its width.

I used the same fabric for the lining. I’m rather pleased with the way the print runs along the side of the zipper.

It’ll hold a larger project and yarn, at least.

And last night I spent two hours making another Frankenhoodie out of fleece pieces. I had put these bits of fleece and the pattern pieces aside a long time ago, and finally got around to cutting and sewing it all.

I’m really getting my money’s worth out of this pattern.

It’ll be a pyjama/lounging at home hoodie. Unlike the one I made out of three different buffalo plaids, which I love and have worn lots, this one isn’t going to be worn out in public!

Next time, I’ll do a crochet sweater update. The yoke is done and I’ve started crocheting on just the body stitches. I think it’s going to end up a bit big but I’ll get a better idea after a few more rows.

Two more days off = two more projects

Two more days off = two more projects

The bird bag I showed you last time was very gratefully received by my coworker. And the buffalo plaid hoodie is comfortable and cosy and I was wearing it constantly the last couple of days.

I have now added another garment to my wardrobe….

This is a mashup of a sleeveless summer top that I invented a couple of years ago and the dolman sleeved top with the ruching from last year. I literally taped the two homemade pattern pieces together and ran this up.

The flared hem drapes nicely at the sides. I narrowed the waist area slightly and made the sleeves three-quarter length.

I accidentally started cutting the front neck without a seam allowance so the neckline is a bit deeper too.

Note the new haircut – shortest sides ever – a proper undercut! And professional colour!

My other finish was a backpack made from fluffy pink chenille. Not your average bag! I had a remnant of it, and paired it with a fleece remnant for the lining. Pulled a couple of coordinating zippers out of the stash, and some curtain grommets. The only thing I needed to buy was a couple of large silver D rings.

It took me a while to figure out the best number of grommets and I was concerned that the two thick layers might be a problem, but it all came together well. There are two very large inside pockets so that everything doesn’t just get mixed up in there.

My last conundrum was a strap and in the end I decided to use some acrylic DK yarn, made into icord with my little machine, and crocheted into a chain with my biggest hook.

Ta dah!

Flash the stash (fleece version)


It’s been an enjoyable weekend. Last night we went to our first hockey game in years and had a good time. Unfortunately our local team didn’t win but the visiting team did deserve their victory, in our opinion.

Today, friends came over for a potluck lunch. The theme was Asian, because it’s Chinese New Year so I thought that was appropriate.

I made General Tso’s tofu, rice and stir-fried vegetables, our friends brought potstickers and soup with noodles, and we had two desserts as well. Our monthly potlucks always leave us stuffed to the point that we often don’t eat dinner!

I used the recipe from Nora Cooks for the tofu and it worked out well.

This evening I spent a couple of hours in my sewing room. I pulled all the fleece/chenille/jersey knits out of the cubbies and sorted them all.

The photo above shows it all dumped on the floor!

That massive pile is made up of (a) remnants that I brought home from work (when we get to the end of a bolt and there’s less than a metre left, we roll them and discount them by 75%), and (b) remnants from projects that I’ve made, which means that those pieces are odd shapes and sizes.

Once I had sorted them, the chenilles and knits went back into their cubes and the fleece was heaped on my cutting table. I then took a look through my sewing patterns to see whether I could Frankenstein an actual garment from it all.

I reckon this might work:

View C with the short shaped hem, pocket and hood instead of collar. I’ve made this pattern more than once now so I’m familiar with it. Can you see the back and front in the large check with the sleeves in the smaller black and white and the hood and pocket in red? Wacky maybe.

I’ve also grouped some pinks together, and some red/black/white, and the peace sign print with two solids, with a view to making something usable. I think the pinks would make good PJ pants.

I’m too sleepy to actually start sewing tonight but the next chance I get I may start on that buffalo plaid sweatshirt idea.



It’s been a mixed bag of weather this week. We’ve had rain, sun, and both at the same time, hence the rainbow. The heat peaked in the high 30s and dropped again. Tonight we have high winds.

There have been rainbows in my sewing room too.

This fleece dress, pj pants and slippers are from a McCall’s pattern. I made a sweater with cowl neck from the same pattern about a year ago and this time I decided to make this bright combo for the June Pride display at work.

Here it is in place with some rainbow fabric and feather boas. I had two days off so made the pants and slippers on Day 1 and the dress on Day 2. I used my walking foot and a Schmetz Microtex needle (for those interested) along with a zigzag stitch for the seams and the fleece sewed up beautifully.

My other small finished object is this ice cream pint cosy. It’s from a blog called kathysewsclothes.wordpress.com. It’s pretty easy except for turning it through the small gap and topstitching, which was a bit of a struggle. I guess I need to buy some (vegan) ice cream now to test it out. Even if I don’t use it for ice cream, I’m sure I could find another use for it. It would probably make a good plant pot cosy too!

It’s a work weekend for me and four days of work in a row, so not much happening in the evenings except for eating, Netflix and vegging! We have inventory time coming up at work and we’re already deep into the preparation, attaching tags to the fabrics for weighing day.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Pillows – lots of them


We’re hosting a teen potluck here on the weekend and I’m hoping that we will all be gathering in my not-so-big living room for some good food, fun and games. Rather than borrow a bunch of extra chairs, we have invested in half a dozen body pillows (20 X 46″) and I ran up some pillowcases for them tonight. It didn’t take long, and the cool thing was that it used up my Hello Kitty and flowery stash that I brought home from work as remnants. Once this event is over, I’d love to turn our family room into a comfy place to hang out, so I’ll be looking at ways to make it look less stark in there. These pillows will be a good start. 

The top pillow (pink Hello Kitty) is not as well-covered as the others as I was limited by what I had. 


Hello Kitty pyjamas


Hello Kitty fleece

Hello Kitty fleece

Pattern tracing paper

Pattern tracing paper

Weekend Sewing

Weekend Sewing

Finished pyjamas

Finished pyjamas

This is a book I bought recently, as I found it at the library and liked it enough to invest in it. I pulled out the Burda pattern tracing paper that I bought on sale at work some time ago and the three metres of blue Hello Kitty fabric, also bought on sale (I think it was buy one metre, get two free)!

I made the largest size and the pyjama pants just fit with a small amount of positive ease. I was hoping for more roominess but if I make more I can use my current fleece pyjama pants as a pattern instead. This was project #2 today.