It’s a day off today which is a good thing because I’m still blowing my nose every 2 minutes!

Ds3 caught a cold at summer camp. Tai Chi Man caught it on the long drive back from summer camp. Then I caught it. After a blissful four day block of days off last week, in which I spent time in the sun every day including (finally) an afternoon at the beach, I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekend shifts were a challenge as I had  a horrendous sore throat and would rather not have had to talk at all.

My nose has been running like crazy for the last couple of days but at least this morning the whole headache/neuralgia thing seems to have lessened. I did resort to some acetaminophen (paracetamol) to get through the worst of it, plus I’ve been dosing with the usual natural remedies. We had a monster pack of tissues from Costco last week that’s already gone and I am now using toilet paper!

Enough whining, now to the more cheerful stuff.

Apricot jam…


The first tree produced well this year. I gave some fruit away at work, to two neighbours, froze some, and made jam with more. I just have a few left in the fridge which I should probably eat for breakfast because they are on their way out. We do have a second tree that has teeny tiny apricots that always ripen later, and it’s probably time I starting picking those.

Neat ripple blanket…

IMG_5608 [91704]IMG_5609

Look at those lovely ends. Next time I find a good movie on Netflix, I think I’ll catch up with those. Talking of Netflix, I watched Season 4 of Orange is the New Black. Awesome stuff!

Swap parcel…

FullSizeRender [91749]

Not quite ready to send yet – I have yarn, jewellery fixings, penguin buttons, a seashore themed dishcloth, all things which I think my swap partner will like. I have one of those 5.5″ mailing boxes from Canada Post and there’s still a bit of room left, so it would be nice to add in a bit more.

I think that’s all from me right now – I need more tea and lemon water to keep me going (sneeze, cough, sniff) and hopefully the next time you hear from me I will be back to wellness again.





(Unblocked dishcloth)

This is going to be part of my surprise swap gift, when I get around to parcelling it up and mailing it. There’s no rush – the deadline for mailing is a month away.

I could send it off soon, but I might wait another week or two just to see if I can think of any small additions.

This free  pattern is called Sunny dishcloth by  Yarnspirations. It’s very simple and probably took only about an hour to make. The main part is a plain circle made up of hdcs, and the points of the sun are constructed sideways with ever taller stitches. Quite simple and once you’ve made one point you’re away. It’s made from worsted weight cotton (in this case, Bernat Handicrafter – By the Sea colourway) and a 5mm hook.

Have you seen the beautiful Peacock Tail Bag from Lilla Bjorn? It’s a Crochet-along (CAL) that will start on August 17th. We’re going to be talking about it and posting progress pics in the Ravelry Group Colourful CALs/KALs and I think I might join in. My thought is to use the jewel toned pack of Deramores Studio DK that I bought months ago.

I’m a bit of a rebel – I don’t like being told what to do, and sometimes I feel like a specific commitment is too much to think about and clutters up my brain, which is why I’m not joining in with the Ravellenic Games this time around (the knitting and crochet version of the Olympics). However this is one gorgeous bag.

It depends on how I feel in August, but it’s not as big a commitment as a blanket CAL so I think I might do it!







This little heart stuffie (about the size of my palm) is for a co-worker who’s been going through a tough time lately. I’m going to leave it in her cubbie at work tomorrow for her to find later in the week.

The yarn is Knit Picks Shine Sport in Serrano, and I used a 3.5mm hook. A bit tough on the hands as it’s cotton and modal, so no stretch. Pattern link here.

I considered adding a keyring, but my son said it was a bit large for that – you wouldn’t fit your keys in your pocket. Doesn’t he realise that we women don’t put keys in our pockets?! At least, I don’t, I clip them to my backpack. I also wasn’t sure whether I should add the face, but I think it’s cuter with the eyes and mouth, even though I used buttons instead of safety eyes.

Setting this up to publish in the morning, and now I really need to get an early night.




Well, I must have been enjoying myself out on my deck – after the blogging, button sorting and crocheting I came inside and was gobsmacked to see it was 6.30pm. My only other companion this weekend is ds2 who slept all day. Ds3 has been at summer camp all week and Tai Chi Man is picking him up tomorrow, along with his two backpacks and sleeping bag. There may be two other teens with him wanting a ride home (thankfully only a short way)  and it will be interesting to hear how they all fit in our Toyota Yaris with all their stuff.

I used my own (published) pattern to create a new cellphone cosy. This one is a bit wider and longer, as I got the impression from my co-worker (who requested this for a friend) that she has one of the larger phones.

I am sad to let go of this button as I love it, but it’s a perfect match for the pink in the yarn at the top back of the cosy.

That’s one thing crossed off the To Do List.


I have a day off work today, though I did pop in to the store after picking the majority of the apricots off our tree. They are very nearly ripe and seem to like dropping on the ground before I get to them. I now have six bowls full downstairs and I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with them all! I delivered a box full to work so that got rid of those!!!

This morning, I had to return books and magazines to the library, so of course I collected my held item and found three more. I think someone (maybe my mum) recommended the Isabel Allende novel. As you can see, I also indulged in a little treat from the health food store.


I stopped in at the dreaded Wal-mart (aka Stuffmart, Wally World) for a pair of shoes, as my runners are getting worn out and aren’t suitable for work any longer. When I was cleaning up the house yesterday, I actually pulled out my shoes from the general melee downstairs by the back door and set up another rack for them. There were still a few pairs of winter footwear down there, so those were thrown into the under-the-stairs cupboard. The rest of the family’s shoes were placed on the racks where they belong and…hey presto…tidier utility room. That was easy!

I was tempted by not one, but two pairs of shoes. It takes me very little time to shop for shoes. The grey ones with the turquoise laces were practically the first ones I saw, and the white ones will, I think, work with my maxi skirts (have to have toes covered at work).


I took the time, as I was on my own and therefore not in a hurry, to wander around the rest of the store, and the craft section held some temptations too…


The buttons are mine, all mine, and the cotton Handicrafter is partly for a dishcloth for a surprise swap that I’m participating in through a Ravelry group. When my swap parcel items are all amassed, I will show you a photo.

And so to the happy place – playing with colour. My button stash definitely looked like it needed more…


Lots of gaps there, eh. Definitely room for improvement. Hence these…


I sat outside on my deck, blissfully alone but surrounded by the noises of my neighbourhood, temperature very reasonable for the time of year, and sorted buttons.


Much better!

In the crochet side of things, I have one WIP, the ripple blanket, and you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s growing. However today I had a request for a phone cosy, plus I’d like to make a little heart or some type of amigurumi for  a co-worker, and a laptop bag for me, and a toy to match my blanket, and…and…suddenly I have a long To Do list.

It’s the good kind of To Do list, though.:-)


Now that I have made a stripe in each colour, thanks to some concentrated crocheting time along with my London Fog at a coffee shop today, I can give you a better idea of how the colours are working with each other.

What do you think?




I’ve been making rather slow progress on the Neat Ripple. I was thinking I’d wait to show you a photo once I’d done a stripe in each colour, but you’d have been waiting too long!

However, I’m actually pleased with the look of the stripes and colours so far, so it’s a good thing I persevered to find the best project.

It’s been a busy week, I’ve had extra shifts, and we’ve weighed and counted every darn thing in the store. We’re still in the middle of putting everything back to rights – many bolts of fabric are still horizontal instead of vertical, but that’s what happens when you’re trying to do the job while the store is open and with constant interruptions.

I have the next couple of days off, thank goodness, because home stuff is calling me.

Ds3 has been dropped off at the ferry for summer camp this week – you know they’re getting older when instead of being a student they are an assistant to the organisers! I’m sure he’ll have lots of fun. I think the work part of it is minimal.

It’s a beautiful evening and I must go outside on the deck and make the most of it before it gets dark. Happy crafting!


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