We woke up to snow this morning and it has continued all day. Tai Chi Man has cleared the drive a few times to make sure it doesn’t get icy when we take the car out. We were planning to go to a friend’s house this morning and were on the road by 8.30am for a potentially 40 minute drive, but the traffic on the highway was crawling along so slowly that we decided to turn back.

I took the opportunity to start studying my new course – it’s an online course with eCornell all about plant-based nutrition. I’m just on the first module but by the end of January I will have a certificate to say I’m up to date on all the science and the reasons why a whole-food plant-based diet is the way to go. Just confirms what I’ve already known for years, of course, but I’m still learning new stuff from this course and it gives me some extra ammo when sharing with people why this is the healthiest way to eat. It may even become a career for me later on.

I also frogged the partially completed toque (hat) that I started a week ago and restarted it on bigger needles and with two fewer stitches. The pattern tells you to knit for 7″ before decreasing, but at 6″ I put in a lifeline and then tried out the decreases. I had enough yarn that I decided to rip back again, knit two more rows, then decrease again. I actually could have done at least two more rows, looking at the amount of yarn I had left, but no way was I going to frog for a third time. This process also included un-knitting a row because I had all my knits and purls the wrong way round!


The fisherman’s rib would look tidier in a less bulky yarn, but I’m just glad this one is done. I’ll take it to work and put it on a mannequin head for a bit, then I know exactly who I’m going to give it to. (Yarn is Dynasty hat yarn, Fabricland’s house brand.)

Another small project I finished yesterday is this Dumpling Kitty, who I have named Custard. This is a free pattern, only available as a Ravelry download, hence the Rav link.

This cute kitty is made with Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK and a 3.75mm hook. I happened to have the perfect colours and I know exactly who this one is for too.

I now only have one WIP and that is the caterpillar blanket. I have made a start on it and will give it a separate post of its own soon. Have a great day!


OK, I confess it doesn’t have buttons and it hasn’t yet been ‘blocked’ i.e. machine washed and dried, BUT it’s wearable AND I wore it last night to go out into the cold dark night! Well, it was just a visit to someone’s home – this coat wouldn’t hold up to any sort of windchill!!


It took about a week just to sew in the ends. Yes, next time I would do it as I went along.

The sleeves are only just wide enough, as I was wearing it over a sweater last night. I thought it would end up more roomy overall, but actually it fits just right.

Evening photos in artificial light…


And so another project is (almost) put to bed. I love finishing things!  How about you?


I do love those Finished Objects! Quick Finished Objects are even better. Here are two more  that I made – one yesterday and one today.

A garter stitch (yes, it ‘s actually knitting) cowl, made with some obscure Italian garage sale yarn, five strands held together and size 35 (19mm) needles. Ten stitches wide and seamed with a half twist (the twist brings it lower so it doesn’t cover half of my face). This is a selfie taken with wild hair late in the day (I cropped the top of my head where more hair was sticking out).


I didn’t know who it would be for while I was knitting it, but it dawned on me that one of my co-workers wears this shade of purple all the time and so it is for her. It has been handwashed and is drying out on a towel in my living room.

And this one is from a blog called The Fiber Bug. It’s an apple cardigan!

And this is the Ravelry link.


Isn’t it cute! Well, I think so anyhow. I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK and a 4mm hook. I was aiming to cover a pretty big apple so I did an extra round of increases at the bottom. This is for another co-worker who has apple trees and this apple was one of a box-full that I bought from her.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made something like this. I made one back in 2009, but didn’t follow a pattern that time.

Coat update: one cuff finished, second one started; a few ends woven in today at work. I would have done more at work but I was offered the chance to leave early – the afternoon staff came in and the manager decided they had sufficient coverage to let a couple of us go home. I never say  no to leaving early!!! I’m such a slacker😉

Time to go and practise my piano pieces. Then I can make more progress on the coat. Have a happy Friday!






Last night, the Coatigan got its button/buttonhole bands. Tonight, it got its collar.

I wove in a few ends, but I think I’m done for today. I do have this to look forward to though…


Yup, a metric craptonne of ends. And the cuffs yet to add.

I did finish this yesterday though.


The blues are a bit deeper in real life. It’s a pretty shade of James C Brett Marble Chunky, though I don’t have the label to hand right now. The buttons were bought on clearance at work. This is destined for one of my co-workers in my aim to give each one of them a random gift for no reason.

Tomorrow my goal will be to get the cuffs finished on the coat, and I may also start another small project, if I find the inspiration. I will also need to persevere on my piano practice. I have three tunes to practice – This Land is Your Land, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, and Silent Night. Eight weeks in and it is getting more challenging. I was getting quite frustrated with myself this morning, trying to get the hands coordinated. Considering I learned to type with all my fingers, both hands, when I was 16, I know I can do this piano thing, it just takes practice. What’s challenging you right  now?


It’s been a blissfully uncommitted day today and I was able to enjoy a whole morning in my PJs doing nothing but join the squares of my granny square coat-of-many-colours, drink tea, eat breakfast, and throw in a couple of loads of laundry before the pile overtook the hallway.

The sun was pouring in and I was able to get some naturally lit photos of the coat, firstly joined but still flat, then joined down the side and sleeve seams.

The squares did get rearranged a couple of times. I thought I had it sorted, then was annoyed by two squares with a lot of raspberry pink next to each other. Move one square, and you end up moving six! The seams are single crochet on the right side, working into both loops. Decorative and sturdy.


Back and front.

SO many ends. At least 744 of them.

Next up is to add the collar, cuffs and button bands. I will start on that tonight. I’ve decided to miss our usual Monday night activity and get more crochet done.

Ds3 actually came out for a walk with me this afternoon. Weather was bright and cool and it was nice to see him get out of the house with his camera.

One more thing to show you –  a small portable project. A hat in progress with James C Brett Marble Chunky. I’m going to add a button tab just for show. It’s good to have something to work on while out and about when projects like the coat or a blanket get too unwieldy.

This is a really basic double crochet hat, worked in a spiral, based on my Adjustable Crochet Hat pattern. I found the yarn in a clearance bin at my LYS. I’ve always loved the Marble Chunky.


Have a great day, and talk to you again soon.


As promised, I found the time tonight to lay out the coat squares as per the pattern. The two odd ones will be underarm gussets.

These were just laid down any old how – I’m sure I will move them around a few times until I feel the balance is right, though I don’t want to overthink it too much. I had to stand on the coffee table to get them all in and of course the lighting leaves a lot to be desired.

This project has made a serious dent in my Stylecraft Special Aran stash.

Work has been busy the last couple of days but that has been offset by a fun meal out with seven other women last night. We went to the Gratitude Cafe, which is vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and has raw and cooked options, some without onions and garlic. Basically anyone can eat there!

I had the potato skins with cashew cheeze followed by some coconut banana cream pie. It was accompanied by a cup of real hot chocolate. Real food rocks!




This slouchy hat is finished. This was supposed to be a one skein project but because I changed the brim from a slipstitch to a ‘single crochet in back loop’ type rib, which resulted in the body of the hat having more V stitches than the original pattern, I ran out of yarn three quarters of the way through.

I took it in to my supervisor, who had started on the slipstitch brim and given up in disgust, and she gave me another ball of yarn to complete it.

This is Red Heart Unforgettable Waves, a thick and thin version of the Unforgettable. The colourway is Riverbank, which is quite pretty in a neutral sort of way. However it does NOT like to be unravelled, so whilst I would have liked to frog it back and make it a bit smaller, that wasn’t an option.

The brim is very stretchy and may be a bit loose when wearing. Hopefully the recipient has a big head, or a lot of hair, or doesn’t mind using a bobby pin (aka hairgrip) to keep the hat on.

I would make this pattern again in the same way, but with perhaps 50 rows of sc-blo instead of 60. That would give me about 25 V stitches which is what the pattern called for.

The 62 squares for the Coatigan are this close to being finished. I am making the last four at the same time, but they won’t get done tonight. I have to get a good night’s sleep. Another big sale at work the next three days so we will undoubtedly be busy. It’s a sociable week, what with a DoTerra essential oils evening, a group healing evening AND a girls’ dinner out.

I may not get the chance to lay out the Coatigan squares until Saturday evening but I will be sure to get a photo.

I hope your weekend is wonderful!