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Ahem…yarn acquisition


No, I haven’t broken my yarn ban. This yarn was being destashed by a co-worker and while I am not one to use novelty yarns as a rule, I would like to see if there is something creative I can do with ruffle yarn that doesn’t involve making a scarf!



The top one, rather endearingly called Biggy-Bump Chenille, is a popcorn-type yarn which I could use for arm knitting, stranded with a few other yarns.

Cabin love


It’s such a wonderful time, recharging one’s batteries away from the usual work and home commitments. Everything is simplified, especially the meals. The snowshoeing at Larch Hills Nordic ski area was lovely and peaceful. The snow was pretty crispy and compacted but it was still nice to have a couple of hours tromping through the woods.

We also drove up to Salmon Arm, which is the nearest sizeable town, for a cup of tea. My favourite corner of town is the one where Hudson and McLeod intersect. You have Intwined Fibre Arts yarn store on one side, across the road is Culinary Inspirations who make a decent inexpensive cup of tea or coffee as well as selling kitchen stuff and gourmet foods, and across from that is the Saga public art gallery.







Can’t beat waking up to that view in the mornings.

And the specs on the latest arm knit – Loops & Threads Chunky (REALLY chunky, actually super-bulky, 27 yards to 5.2oz) in the colourway Stonewashed. I bought two skeins and used part of the second because it wasn’t quite long enough to double around the neck with only one.

This is a gift for a friend. It’s fun to play with yarn in different colours than I usually use. The colours in this are natural neutrals and work well together.

A moment of weakness…


I met a friend today at a cafe for tea and an arm knitting lesson. We spent a pleasant couple of hours and she left with a completed scarf. She gave me some yarn as a Thank-you gift – the two green skeins in the photos below.

I received it with gratitude even though it’s partly wool. It’s Loops and Threads Cozy Wool. I expect I will make a gift with it sometime.

Then I went to Michaels with a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my purse. Also the flyer had mentioned that certain yarns were discounted this week, so I ended up with two skeins of Zoomba in pink and purple for another arm knitted cowl, two skeins of Red Heart Unforgettable in Dragonfly and two more in Sunrise. I’ve been meaning to try the Unforgettable for ages.

Before I use these, though, I must finish the Marble Chunky vest. And when I was doing my housework this morning, I was reminded that I was going to crochet cushion covers for the dining chairs, so I probably should get to that soon too.

And I need to make some bags out of these batiks that I bought at the fabric store (on my day off). We love batiks.

Crafting with a friend




Arm knitting at a friend’s house today…
Three types of yarn from Michaels; went into the store with a 50% coupon, used it for the Zoomba; bought the two balls of clearance “popcorn” yarn for $1.99 each; and the Charisma was on sale at half price.

Excellent, I thought, an arm knitted infinity scarf for $11. Except it’s better than that, because I just made two of them out of this yardage. Woot!

Afterwards I crocheted another flower block for the Groovyghan…


My career as a market trader is done…at least for this year!


It was a beautiful day at the nut farm yesterday. The festival was well-attended. I had paid my half of the stall fee, as I was sharing with my friend and her stuff. I was there for five hours and made……..$3!

Actually it was minus $7 as I only sold one little pumpkin, which didn’t even cover the stall fee.

I am a positive and optimistic person but I am not going to ignore signs like that. I decided not to do any more craft fairs this year. I am going to finish my sweater and then enjoy making something else…for myself!

Once I had made that decision, I felt so much lighter and more relaxed. I also took a suitcase of my handiwork to my study class today and offered to give away whatever anyone wanted, with an optional donation to the organisation. At least half the stuff was claimed happily with people prepared to pay fairly for it (I’m sure it helped that the money was going to a good cause).

That felt good!

And now I’m browsing Ravelry and my pattern folder to find something for my next project. I made great progress on the second sweater sleeve yesterday at the festival, so it won’t be long before I will be binding off and wearing the sweater.

I’m thinking Groovyghan by Tracy St John. I notice it’s $6 to buy now, but I had it in my Ravelry queue when it was free, and I printed it out too, thankfully (please don’t ask me for a copy of the pattern, I would be breaching copyright).

I think I have enough yarn in the box in my living room to make this, if I add some older Knitpicks Brava to the Willow Wash. I like that it’s made from components which makes it portable even though it’s a blanket.

I have one other thing I’d like to make, and that is an arm-knitted infinity scarf in the turquoise and pink Zoomba to go with my ski jacket. I will use Michaels coupons for that.

Hope you had an awesome weekend. Happy crafting!

Pumpkins and arm knitting


Yup, an odd title, I know! I’ve made a few cute little pumpkins from a video tutorial/written pattern by Clare at bobwilson123. They come out way smaller than she seems to infer from the pattern but that’s okay, they will look cute on my sale table at the nut farm tomorrow. Three have already been ‘adopted’ ahead of time by facebook friends; the rest will be for sale.


I also had a bit of fun with the Loops and Threads Zoomba yarn left over from crocheting those super bulky hats. I arm knitted an infinity scarf- only five stitches cast on and it was done in no time. It is long enough to wrap three times around my neck. I can’t recommend any one particular video tutorial because I can’t remember the ones I’ve seen, but search You Tube and you’ll find lots.




Please excuse the Hello Kitty pyjamas ;^P
And the crazy hair. It usually looks that messy. I’ve never really had it under control for very long!

Editing once more to add headwrap #5 – the final one as far as I’m concerned.