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FO: Chameleon toque


And it’s done. And I’m once again WIPless. But not for long!

As you can see, the hat can be worn slouchy or with the brim turned up. I love how it looks different from every angle, thanks to the changing colours. The body of the hat is Tunisian full stitch, the crown is half double crochet, and the brim has two rounds of single crochet. When it’s turned up, you can see the wrong side of the full stitch, which looks a little like knitted garter stitch.

Sally the Styrofoam Head is modelling it along with the simple stitch cowl I made a little while ago.

OK, I am taking a break from Tunisian for now.  A project has caught my eye, and I know you’re going to think I’m crazy for starting a blanket when it’s over 30 degrees (90) outside, but this one is pretty. Sadly I don’t have any of the same yarn as the designer used, but I do have a crapton (totally kosher unit of measurement) of Stylecraft and that’s what I’m going to use.

It’s Dedri Uys’s Joy’s Journey, link here.

Take a look at those beautiful Scheepjes colours. It was designed to have a tactile pompom edge for people with Alzheimer’s. I don’t have a recipient in mind, I just want to make the blanket. It is just double crochet, spiralling around, not even individual rounds so no joining, and the pompom trim is something that we sell at the store where I work, so I’m going to take my little yarn ends from the turquoise colour pack of Stylecraft Special DK to the store tomorrow evening, as I will be working anyway, and get myself 6 metres of the trim in a colour that matches one of the yarn colours.

I am excited to crochet again.

I see that the DK yarn in the pattern is paired with a 6mm hook, but I think I will use my 5.5mm Addi Swing, just because it’s so comfortable. I have two of those hooks now and definitely recommend them.

Keep Calm and Crochet On!




WIP: The cowl that became a hat



Well, almost.

I was crocheting away on this piece of Tunisian full stitch, thinking it was going to be a cowl, and then I remembered that the last rectangular piece that I made with this yarn also became a cowl. Hmmmm, what to do?

Ah yes, slipstitch the ends together, and add a half double crochet crown, and it’s a hat.

I’ll also need to add a row or two around the brim. I really hope this looks okay when it’s done: the hdc (with a smaller hook) looks so different from the Tunisian texture. But I haven’t learned how to do Tunisian in the round yet so had to improvise.

We are having a heatwave here – the temperatures this week are in the 30s, varying somewhat between the hotter town area where it’s all paved, the lakeshore, and our neighbourhood which is a little way out of town and higher up. It’s not surprising to see 37 (as I did today according to my car’s outside thermometer) with it dropping as I cross the bridge over the lake and another couple of degrees change as I get close to home (32).

I would have taken the boys to the lake for a swim but they are so unadventurous.

Instead here I am, sitting at the dining room table at my laptop with the ceiling fan running (no AC).

I read a huge library book in two days this week. It’s called Broken Harbour by Tana French. It’s a detective/homicide sort of thing set in Ireland. I also had a huge headache that took a long while to wear off (a couple of days) which I think may have been due to the excessive reading. You may scoff, but I have problems with both eyes, and whilst the left one focuses to read, the right one does not. So my theory is that it was eyestrain. Must remember to spread my reading time out more.

W0rk is getting interesting. Inventory time looms which means we are spending all our time in between customers making sure all the fabrics are in their right groups, laid down horizontally instead of the usual way of displaying them upright and draped, highlighting barcodes ready for counting and weighing. The bolts of fabric get weighed on commercial scales, and we also have to count all notions like spools of thread, packets of needles, etc etc. One day is set aside for fabrics (though the store is still open for most of that time) and another day for notions (a Sunday, and the aim is to get as much as possible done before opening time at noon). It’s a bit crazy, especially when we have customers messing up the organisation or wanting to wander into the section being weighed. I think that closing for the day would make more sense, but it’s not my decision.

So, enough waffling, it’s time to get dinner prepped. I hope you’re having some decent summer weather where you are (if you’re in the northern hemisphere).





Stylecraft giveaway win!


A few weeks ago, Stylecraft had a giveaway of four different yarn kits. One was comprised of their Classique Cotton DK, a couple were Malabar (I think) which had silk in it, and the last was a yarn that was kind of variegated with a lot of white in it. All you had to do to get a chance or two to win was to comment on the Facebook thread and/or sign up for their email newsletter. I did both, never expecting anything to come of it.

Well, I received an email while on holiday (I have to confess, I think I deleted their first one as wifi was crap and I was trying to minimise what I had to do online, so it was zapped without  me reading it). Thankfully they tried again, I read it, and got all excited. I was at my mum’s house at the time and my mum and sister must have thought I was getting way too excited at the thought of free yarn, but hey, they are not knitters or crocheters.

I had expressed a preference for the Classique Cotton because obviously being vegan I don’t use silk. Also I didn’t much like the fourth option. But I even had a choice as to a cream background or teal – well, if you know me even a little, you’ll know I love teal.

Ta da! The pattern leaflet and the yarn…


There are 14 x 50 gram balls there, 100% cotton, DK weight. Pretty colours eh.

This is pretty unbelievable, I know, but I went about a week without crocheting. I finished the Dragonfly scarf while in Jersey, gave it away, and didn’t start anything new (not even on that 8.5 hour flight from London Heathrow to Calgary). Since then, I’ve been wondering what to make next, but distracted by getting back into the swing of things at home. Today, I went to a friend’s for tea and just had to have something, so I took along the ball of Loops & Threads Chameleon (very well-travelled, it is, as it came along on holiday with me) and started a cowl with an 8mm hook in Tunisian Full Stitch.


It’s just 21 stitches wide, which is about 7 inches, and so thick and smooshy. It’ll make a very comfortable and warm cowl.

We’ve had a surprisingly rainy couple of days, which has been good for the garden, and tomorrow we’ll have to plant the annuals that we bought at the garden centre today at their two-for-one sale.

Have a great weekend.




Happy Monday!


Everyone is so down about Mondays (I’m looking at you, Garfield). But today, I didn’t have a shift (even though the store is open this afternoon) and Tai Chi Man had a long weekend because of the public holiday. So this particular Monday is pretty darned good!

I love getting an email from my Google Calendar peeps saying, “You have no events scheduled today.” It feels like the day is so full of possibilities. I also love waking up in the morning and knowing I don’t have to jump out of bed and get going. Slow starts are so much nicer.

However, there is still housework to do, and Mondays used to be my regular day, before work outside the home got in the way, so I did clean up the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum (the majority of) the house and washed a crapton of laundry. After lunch I was able to relax on the couch with my crochet, guilt-free.

This is my experiment with Tunisian knit stitch. I LOVE THIS!

(Whaddya know, daylight shots, taken outside, so they are actually in focus and full colour!)

The right side of the Tks looks like, well, knitting. The back looks sort of like purl, but the ridges are way bigger, and the fabric it makes is so soft and thick, it’s gorgeous. Can you imagine a sweater made with this? I can, and it would be really warm and cuddly.

I used the same yarn as the cowl – Loops and Threads Chameleon in Rainbow – but of course on such a small project you only see a couple of colour changes. This time, though, the hook is 6.5mm. Tunisian crochet takes a larger hook than you’d use normally.

Now I have to get in the kitchen for a little advance dinner prep, but my plan for later is to open my new Tunisian crochet book to the next stitch and practice that one.


Cowl/scarf thing


This is my progress after a couple of days with my new Denise2Go interchangeable crochet hook (6mm) and the Loops & Threads Chameleon (worsted weight) in Rainbow. I waited to get a daytime shot, because the colours are more true to life.


The first thing I learned was how to finish the left edge properly. Sometimes I was working into the chain at the end, sometimes into the last stitch, and I thankfully had my new book to confirm that I was supposed to be inserting the hook under the two strands of the last stitch of the row (like in regular crochet). Both edges, for the most part, are looking pretty neat (after the first couple of inches where I wasn’t being consistent) but the tension on the left edge is a bit looser, hence the waviness in the photo.

The second thing I learned is that the bottom (and presumably top) edge curls, but the sides don’t, so if I leave this as a scarf rather than a cowl I will need to finish off the ends with some double crochet.

The third thing I learned was how much I love the Zen state that can come from such a relaxing repetitive stitch. It’s so effortless. If you haven’t tried Tunisian simple stitch before, I hope you give it a go. There are lots of video tutorials on You Tube. The Crochet Crowd is one channel you could try. The Tss definitely looks more interesting with the colour variations in a yarn like this. At one point today, I found a knot in one strand of the two that are twisted around each other. Cutting out the knot and restarting at the right edge left a hard colour change. But pulling back until I was back at the left edge, then rejoining the yarn, made for a softer transition because one colour then underlays the other.

Excuse me now while I run off and finish my breadmaking, followed by dinner-making, followed by ordering the kids to clean up the kitchen! 😀




Spring Bag and general waffling



This is the finished Spring Bag from Lily/Sugar ‘n Cream that I was challenged to make by the Calling All Crocheters group on Ravelry. It’s pretty, especially in the Loops & Threads Chameleon yarn from  Michaels. I used almost the whole 100 gram ball and the colour changes were mostly different all the way through. I think I shall have to  make something next with the rest of the yarn and my new Tunisian hooks, something really simple that just shows off the yarn itself.

The yarn is 100% acrylic, soft and a little fluffy, and a bit thicker in places, and I only found one knot which thankfully was in one strand, not both, so the colour change wasn’t too obvious.

I didn’t have any beads so used a couple of large buttons instead.

This photo was taken this morning outside (it’s cloudy today) and the difference between this and the ones I took  last night in artificial light is huge. Much better colour definition.

We had clouds all day yesterday, but it was still in the 20s, and the forecast is for a few days of clouds and some rain. We are always grateful for rain here, as we live in what’s basically a desert. I know it doesn’t look like it, with our huge lake and numerous trees, but the non-irrigated parts are brown and dry every summer. We pay per litre for the water we use, so if Mother Nature sees fit to water my garden and I can turn off my underground sprinklers, then I’m thankful for that. We water as  minimally as we can, and at night as per the city rules (which of course make sense, as otherwise it would all evaporate too quickly).

We have had to be satisfied with a less than perfect lawn, which doesn’t bother me, but if it’s too dry then it affects fruit production in our apricot and cherry trees. Tai Chi Man recently attended a xeriscaping workshop, which teaches you which plants to landscape with that can survive without irrigation. Obviously, indigenous plants fare better than ones that have been brought in just because they look nice!

Our potatoes, beans and beets have been shooting out of the ground in the last week. We tried some bird scarer tape (shiny) around the vegetable patch but it didn’t keep the quails off. So now we have some added protection with a bit of chicken wire as well, as the quails like to run through the soil, dustbathing and pecking our fresh leaves down to the ground. I realise it’s a trade-off, as I’m sure the birds eat bugs that could also eat our plants, but when armies of quail babies meet tender green leaves the result is dead plants!

As I seem to be venturing into non-crochet territory this week, one of the lowlights of my week was that my car was broken into. I went walking in a fairly remote place with a friend. I parked my car without a thought and off we went for four hours (if you’d like to Google it, it’s the famous Kettle Valley trail, which runs, I believe, from Midway to Hope, BC). There is an access into Myra Canyon off McCullough Road. It involves a rather bumpy ride of about 10km on an unpaved road. I had no problem driving it with my Toyota Matrix so you don’t need a 4WD.

The hike itself is flat, because it used to be a railway. There are no rails  there any more, but there are many trestles to cross, which have been restored by dedicated volunteers to make them safe for hikers and bikers. It’s so peaceful there, as no motorised vehicles are allowed, and the air is fresh because you’re way out of town. In places you can see the city of Kelowna 3000 feet below. We went in the morning before it got too hot.

Unfortunately, because the parking lot is deserted much of the time, opportunists come and see what the pickings are. I found this out the hard way. When we returned to the car, we got in, had a snack and some coconut water, and as I was sitting there in the drivers seat it suddenly dawned on me that my dashcam was missing. I had the thought that maybe I’d forgotten to lock the car. I also wondered if my husband had taken it out of the car because I couldn’t remember whether it had been there on the drive up. Gradually the evidence came together – I found damage on the driver’s side showing that someone had inserted something metal around the edge of the door to reach the electronic lock button. A $10 bill was also missing from the little cash drawer.

It was interesting to note my reaction to all this. I felt a little disturbed that a stranger had been rummaging through my car. I felt a little bit invaded, and a little bit sorry for my car! But not too attached to the dashcam going missing. It would have probably been a different story if I’d left my wallet and iPad Mini in the car, as that would have created considerably more issues. There have been times when I have gone walking with just a water bottle, car keys and cellphone, and left the rest in the car. Just a couple of weeks ago in fact. I won’t be doing that again!

Well, I’ve probably waffled on enough for now. Time to get on with my day. I hope your day is wonderful. 🙂





A sewing project



My table runner project went well and I managed to finish it in a day, some before dinner and some afterwards.

I had had my eye on this range of fabric for ages, and as soon as it was marked down at work I snapped it up, along with some batting, to make a table runner and placemats. This is a preprinted panel, which I backed with the batting and  blossom fabric, and the placemats will be made with the blossoms and a coordinating all over heron fabric.

Today I was meeting two different friends for coffee/tea and had a couple of hours in between so popped into Michaels with a coupon and  gift card.  Often, I can walk around the whole store and leave empty handed, but today I discovered some new yarn and it was so pretty I brought some home.

It’s called Loops & Threads Chameleon, it comes in 100 gram balls, it’s 62% acrylic, 38% polyester, and this particular colourway is Rainbow. It feels very soft. I shall add it to the stash for now until the right project comes along.