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Stylecraft giveaway win!


A few weeks ago, Stylecraft had a giveaway of four different yarn kits. One was comprised of their Classique Cotton DK, a couple were Malabar (I think) which had silk in it, and the last was a yarn that was kind of variegated with a lot of white in it. All you had to do to get a chance or two to win was to comment on the Facebook thread and/or sign up for their email newsletter. I did both, never expecting anything to come of it.

Well, I received an email while on holiday (I have to confess, I think I deleted their first one as wifi was crap and I was trying to minimise what I had to do online, so it was zapped without  me reading it). Thankfully they tried again, I read it, and got all excited. I was at my mum’s house at the time and my mum and sister must have thought I was getting way too excited at the thought of free yarn, but hey, they are not knitters or crocheters.

I had expressed a preference for the Classique Cotton because obviously being vegan I don’t use silk. Also I didn’t much like the fourth option. But I even had a choice as to a cream background or teal – well, if you know me even a little, you’ll know I love teal.

Ta da! The pattern leaflet and the yarn…


There are 14 x 50 gram balls there, 100% cotton, DK weight. Pretty colours eh.

This is pretty unbelievable, I know, but I went about a week without crocheting. I finished the Dragonfly scarf while in Jersey, gave it away, and didn’t start anything new (not even on that 8.5 hour flight from London Heathrow to Calgary). Since then, I’ve been wondering what to make next, but distracted by getting back into the swing of things at home. Today, I went to a friend’s for tea and just had to have something, so I took along the ball of Loops & Threads Chameleon (very well-travelled, it is, as it came along on holiday with me) and started a cowl with an 8mm hook in Tunisian Full Stitch.


It’s just 21 stitches wide, which is about 7 inches, and so thick and smooshy. It’ll make a very comfortable and warm cowl.

We’ve had a surprisingly rainy couple of days, which has been good for the garden, and tomorrow we’ll have to plant the annuals that we bought at the garden centre today at their two-for-one sale.

Have a great weekend.




Tunisian cowl FO



The above photos were taken last night after I decided that the cowl/scarfy thing was long enough. After some discussion on the Tunisian crochet group that I joined on Ravelry, I realised that I’d been doing the left edge all wrong, so it was time to call that a lesson learned and move on.

The piece of Tunisian simple stitch was about 25″ long and 9″ wide and the perfect size for a cowl. As far as I’m concerned, the somewhat curved ‘wrong’ edge can be the bottom edge, and the other neater edge can be the top, as that what will be seen most during wear. (Of course if I give this away, I doubt a non-crafty person would be able to tell the difference.)

The fabric resulting from the Loops & Threads Chameleon with the 6mm hook is so nice. Close but not too dense, soft, squishy and very warm.

Today at work I found some clear buttons to add to the cowl.None of the coloured ones really worked. The buttons are probably not going to have to be undone to wear the cowl but I didn’t want to just sew the ends together because of the drastic colour difference between the two ends.

Colours are looking washed out here, but it’s the same yarn that I used for the Spring Bag. I am playing with a 6.5mm  hook now and more of this yarn, practising the Tunisian knit stitch. Just a small piece that will probably become a cellphone cosy.

It’s a public holiday here tomorrow – Victoria Day – I already worked two days of this long weekend and I’m glad I don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m sure many Canadians decided to go camping this weekend, but in our area the weather has been chilly and windy and wet. Whilst I feel a bit sorry for those in tents, we really do need the rain.

Talk to you again soon.

Daisy Mandala Cowl


These are the two mandalas that were going to be part of a poncho. There was a third, but I frogged it. All I had to do to convert the joined mandalas into a cowl was to seam them into a tube, weave in all the ends, and block. It really needed some steam to make it behave.

It was kind of inspired by the neckwarmer pattern by Lucy of Attic24. Her granny stitch cowl is equally colourful (like all of her designs).

Well, it’s just a quick post for now. I have been at work and the family’s tummies are grumbling (yes, I know, I haven’t got them well-trained enough to make ME dinner yet)!

FO: Monochromatic pompom cowl



This is a totally free cowl, as the Needle Crafters Biggy Bump Chenille came from one destashing friend and the Cascade Pacific Chunky came from another.

It took a 10mm hook and a slow pace to hook the yarn between the pompoms so that they ended up all on one side and didn’t need to actually be pulled through any loops. Plan to work in the round if you use something like this, unless you actually want your pompoms to be on both sides.

It’s very soft and smooshy, about 26″ in circumference and 4″ wide. And I’m glad that I can say goodbye to another ball of random yarn.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in our valley, and I had two walks, plus took a drive to drop some stuff off at the Salvation Army thrift store and stopped in at the dollar store to pick up some large zipper-seal bags. Whilst there, I also found some clear plant protectors that just might keep the quails off our lettuces this year, a new calculator, and (ahem) this…
I’m a bit of a sucker for Hello Kitty!

The large zip top bags were partly for my yarn. We’ve had a few large ants in the kitchen, only one at a time, but enough to make me think of all the bugs emerging from their winter hidey holes. I sprayed a lot of diluted peppermint oil around last night and haven’t seen any since, but thought it wise to seal up my yarn just in case anything decided to burrow in. It was also a good opportunity to enjoy looking at the colour packs I bought a while back. I still haven’t decided what they will become.

Well, it’s still quite early by most people’s standards, but Tai Chi Man has already turned in and I am not far behind. Sleep well, dear readers, and thank you for reading.


Crazy cat bag has a baby!


I had a second walk after dinner (with Tai Chi Man this time) and, as it was only 9pm  when we got back, there was enough time to make a little drawstring bag to go with the tote. I have a selection of different coloured ribbons from my farmer’s market days (can’t believe that was two years ago, crocheting my fingers off to make stuff for the stall).

I used the instructions from my Weekend Sewing book, but didn’t use the exact dimensions of the bags in the book as I wanted it to work with the fabric print.

Love it, love it, love it! My family has had to put up with me showing them my handiwork today.

I also spent the last four days working on a crochet commission – the Double Layered Braided Cowl. It uses Half Double Crochet in the third loop to push the top loops of the stitches to the front, hence the interesting texture – one set of four shorter strips, which are braided and have single crochet sections added to each end, and one set of four longer strips, braided and constructed the same way. Then the two sections are joined and a button tab and buttonhole tab added. It looks impressive, and more complicated than it actually is.

So you see I haven’t broken my yarn ban, because I didn’t have to buy this yarn – my manager at work provided the yarn and printout of the pattern, and I got some paid crocheting time. No button yet, but I’ll take it to work in the morning and she can choose an appropriate sized button and I’ll sew it on in my break.


And now I must turn in so I get my 8 hours of beauty sleep (yes, I do need it)!

A comfortable spot


imageA friend of mine commented on the darker evenings, saying she was already starting to suffer a little from cabin fever. Well, the clocks changed only two weeks ago, and I am loving the lighter mornings and long dark evenings. It’s so much easier to get up in the morning when it’s not pitch dark. And my favourite thing to do on winter evenings is tuck myself underneath a crocheted blanket and crochet some more!

Admittedly, eating dinner then spending the whole evening on the couch is a recipe for putting on more pounds, and there are some evenings when I have gone out for a swim at the pool. But dark evenings seem to just pull me towards hibernation mode and staying in.

Tonight I came out of the kitchen, having loaded the dishwasher and made myself a hot drink, and this view of the sofa with my shawl, blanket and current project just sitting there was so appealing.

Maybe you recall my recent cowl project made from shades of brown in my stash. Well, I took those same yarns, held three strands together and crocheted this hat with a 6.5mm hook. It’s my Crochet Hat Recipe in the sidebar, also known as Adjustable Crochet Hat on Ravelry. Used up some small odds and ends, which was nice.



And when that was finished, I immediately started a pair of my own Free Beginner’s Crochet Fingerless Mitts, the pattern for which is also linked in my sidebar, with Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky in cerise/turquoise. Very pretty. The photos don’t do the colours justice.

image image

I started this at a coffee shop yesterday and couldn’t look up the pattern so this pair will actually be a bit longer than the originals. My plan is to put them with my other completed projects which have yet to find a new owner.

My Netflix watching is a British TV show called Death in Paradise. It’s a fairly entertaining series set on a Caribbean Island with a reluctant Englishman as the chief detective. He is always complaining about the heat but always wears a suit and tie. And is always looking for the perfect cup of tea!

Have you seen the new James Bond movie, Spectre? My menfolk and I went to see it last night. Classic Bond, of course, he always manages to get out of every conflict with everything intact, and seems to have no problem getting around and managing his wardrobe after seemingly being stripped of everything he owns! Maybe he always has an emergency passport and credit card duct-taped to his body or something. And all the women want to sleep with him. But hey, it’s great entertainment even if you can’t follow the storyline. Oh yeah, and I really want a £3,000,000 Aston Martin that shoots flames out of the back, you know, just in case!!

Ok, time to do some crochet (maybe some more hand cream first, this cold weather is drying my hands out and my cuticles are a mess – catching on everything). I have had to promise my half-done blanket that I will get back to her before starting another new project. She’s sulking…

Crochet and life update


Today, the fabric store at which I work was open from 12 until 5. When I arrived at 11.50, the parking lot was already full of customers itching to part with their cash! There was a sale on, and we were all cutting non-stop for five hours. No one had a coffee break. Almost all of the bolts of fabric that I handled were just stacked up by the side of my table and I didn’t have time to put them away. As tai chi man was waiting outside to drive me home, I left the mess behind; it was already 20 minutes past closing and the last customer was only just leaving too.

It was lovely to get home, eat dinner and slump on the couch in my pjs.

So here’s the latest in my crochet world…


Mrs Brown’s cowl – 95% done, just one last super bulky strand to weave through and some joining and weaving in of ends to go,


This teapot is my latest acquisition. I went into the mall to buy a teapot as a gift for a friend. I found this cute style in three colours so I bought a dark grey one as a gift and this one for me,

Then I had to design a teacosy to go with the gift teapot. The prototype isn’t, in my humble opinion, good enough to give away, so I’m going to keep it and make another slightly different one. The yarn is Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky in Meadow/viola.

Rather lumpy teacosy

Rather lumpy teacosy



The pretty colours aren’t showing well in this light. I will have to get a better photo of the next one, which will, I hope, be somewhat more attractive!