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FOs: Caterpillar Cocoon and Hat, and a Coaster



I just completed three full shifts in three days and to be honest I just didn’t feel like crocheting after I arrived home after 9pm Thursday night. However last night I pushed ahead with the cocoon and called it done when it looked big enough. I have been really bad at following the pattern as I felt I couldn’t really trust it. No gauge info, no final measurements to give me confidence.

I started weaving in the ends at home and finished them on breaks at work today. I really hope that this set looks good on its intended recipient, but I suppose as it’s meant to be a photo prop it only has to look good for a short time and any (potentially) excess cocoon fabric can be tucked around the baby.

Another small project that I finished today is a double thick coaster. It’s an African flower motif, but I’m not going to bother linking to the site I was using for instructions as the “pattern” was really vague and I had to peer at people’s photos to see if I was interpreting it correctly. I suggest a search on Ravelry for a better option if you’d like to make this motif.

I made two motifs in different colourways out of Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK and a 4.25mm hook, then slipstitched them together back to back. I’ve been wanting to test out this motif for a long time. It’s really easy and one day I hope to make a larger project with more of them.

This item is for a fellow Ravelry member who was let down in a swap. I think her parcel got lost in the mail. A few people are sending her small extra things to make up for the disappointment. I will add a few bits and pieces to this coaster and send them off soon.

Another bit of mail I need to send is a few grams of Stylecraft Special DK in Copper to a Raveler in New Zealand. She has nearly finished a blanket and just needs to finish half of a row in Copper. She didn’t want to buy a whole new skein so asked on one of the forums if anyone had any they’d be willing to send her. I have half a ball left over from Demelza so I will be putting some in an envelope and mailing it off soon.

I just love this Ravelry community. It has added so much to my crafting life.



Bag FO


Zee bag eez done!

Thanks to some crocheting in the car this morning while dh drove, I finished the strap and sewed it on. The lining was sewn in this afternoon, while I enjoyed the warmth out on the deck (though I mostly stayed in the shade).

And then I frittered away the rest of the afternoon, browsing around Ravelry patterns and Tunisian crochet tutorials. Pretty darn awesome way to spend time, especially as I was scheduled to work today, but received a phone call about a  hour before I was due to leave, asking if I wanted the day off. Duh! Of course I said Yes!

I still haven’t decided whether to make another blanket and, if so, whether it will be a CAL or something else; or whether to make something wearable, maybe a poncho or sweater. I don’t want to start using one of my colour packs and then regret using it to make something I’m not happy with.

Decisions, decisions!


Ravelry Project Review


imageimageimageimageWow! I shocked myself. I have seen other bloggers posting their end-of-year reviews and thought I hadn’t completed much. I have three works in progress still on the go, which seem to be taking a long time to finish. So when I looked at my Ravelry notebook (my user name is Nicolaknits if you’d like a better look at my project pages) I was amazed to find that I’ve completed 65 projects in 2015!


I tallied up the items and here are the totals:
Dachshund (hot/cold pack) 1
Christmas stocking 1
Shawl 1
Tea cosies 2
Cup cosy 1
Hats 14
Mitts 3
Blankets 5
Dishcloths 8
Cowls/scarves 9
Slippers 11
Bags 5
Chair seat cover 1
Baby cardigan 1
Kitchen towel hanging loops 2

total 65

Above are the screenshots from Ravelry. Some project pages represent more than one item (for example, the two tea cosies are on the same page).

I had some free time this afternoon and, knowing that my order from Deramores should be arriving any day now, I laid out all my yarn on the floor of my craft room. My plan is to post some photos here and on the Flash your Stash 2016 thread on Ravelry. I took some photos today but I’m not going to do any flashing until those new colour packs arrive.

My expectation is that I will keep the new DK yarn for something special while working through the older stuff. (^.^)