Free hat pattern


It turned out that I could have squeezed the hat and mitts out of one 100 gram skein. I weighed the finished articles today and they both came in just under 50 grams. However, that means I have enough left for another project, so I’m happy with that!

The pattern for the mitts is already in the sidebar, so here’s the pattern for the hat.

James C Brett Marble (UK DK weight or light worsted) – one 100g skein
#5 or 3.75mm needles – either two circs (one of which should be less than 20 inches long) or one circ and one set of dpns
[if you have an interchangeable needle set, you can use two circs with the #5 points in your right hand and #4 points in your left – this will achieve the same gauge]
Gauge – 6 sts to 1 inch over stockinette (as you are working in the round, you will knit every stitch)

Cast on 120 sts.
Join, being careful not to twist your stitches, and knit for one inch in 2 x 2 rib (knit 2, purl 2).
Continue in stockinette (all knit) until your work measures 5 inches from the beginning.
Decrease for crown (it’s a good idea to place a marker now for the beginning of the round, if you haven’t already done so)
1st round K10 K2tog around
2nd round Knit
3rd round K9 K2tog around
4th round Knit
Continue like this, knitting one less stitch before the K2tog each time, and knitting every other round plain, until you have 20 stitches left (change to two circs or dpns when there aren’t enough stitches to go around the single circ)
20th round K2tog around
21st round K2tog around
Cut your yarn with a 12 inch tail, thread it onto a yarn needle, run the tail through the remaining 5 stitches, tighten, take the needle through to the inside of the hat and fasten off.

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