The Question of Indigo Children and others


For the first time, I am moved to reblog someone else’s post. This is written by a new friend and I really think all parents need to listen to this excerpt from Abraham about “indigo” children.

Artist Kasia Rachfall

I’ve been listening a lot to Abraham Hicks since January because I find the message keeps me on track. Now that I understand more and more about what they say and feel the truth of it, I have made it a daily practice to listen to a few short segments of Abraham on Youtube. Usually it’s whatever pops up in my recommendations. It’s always exactly what I need to hear that day.

Tonight as I was packing and cleaning various places in the house we are vacating soon I carried around my Ipad and listened to Abraham. This video popped up and just hit home.

My husband and I have been told we have indigo children. I don’t know much about what that means and I don’t really subscribe to labels because they are limiting. (We are always more than what we think we are.) The way that Abraham describes…

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