Willow Field summer top is an FO!


It took a long while getting there (I started this on April 29th) but it is done. I am planning to wear it to the Farmers Market tomorrow morning – it seems rather appropriate to wear something I’ve made, after all, while selling other stuff that I’ve also made.

I’m sure it will look even better when I have a decent bra on, in addition to the cami! And the lacing up the sides is adjustable, depending on how tight or loose I want it.

Blocking doesn’t take long when the temperature reaches 34 degrees. And the forecast is for it to get even hotter.




I enjoyed my swim at the beach with a friend this afternoon, and really that’s the only place I want to be when it’s over 30 degrees Celsius. We don’t have air conditioning, but the UV film we had installed a few years ago really does help to keep it cooler inside the house, and right now I have a large fan pointed at me and I’m very comfortable.

Is it hot where you are? What are you making?

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