The awesome vest is an FO



I must get a photo of this in the daylight. The colours are really washed out in my living room at night. Well, my eyes see the deep colours, but my iPad doesn’t.

For notes on this, see my Ravelry project page.

As usual, this languished and then a bit of a push got it done. Twenty squares from the Simply Crochet granny square app, Granny Iris (made as per their photo, not their incorrect chart). The large square was copied from this blog tutorial.

Four rows of dc for the collar edge with a little decreasing at the points above the armholes. Sc around armhole and body edges.

I think I found all the yarn ends to darn in. I’m watching Bones (TV series) on Netflix so was able to get all the boring stuff done while being semi-distracted!

I was at work all day today and as usual felt tired out by the time evening came around. Managed to make a decent dinner for the boys and myself, after getting into pjs of course. Then after doing the dishes, it was crochet time. I think I’ll hang the vest up overnight to help straighten things out, then try it on.

Tai Chi Man negotiated his three flights perfectly and is staying with his dad for a couple of weeks. MIL’s funeral is Monday. I think the time will whizz by while he’s away, what with work and social events and Christmas. Speaking of which, I must plan the week’s menus tomorrow morning so I can shop for groceries in an organized way. Right now, it’s time for bed.

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  1. Looks lovely! I have a habit of taking photos really late at night when the lightings bad too! Although it isn;t much better during the day this time of year to be fair

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