Back to the blanket


Grandma’s Knickknacks

Look! A fancy tiled mosaic of photos. When I went to write a new post tonight, my WordPress window looked different, and when I added these three photos I had the option of different layouts.

My Ravelry project page says I’ve had this blanket as a Work in Progress for six months! It has obviously been languishing as I have been giving more attention to other crochet projects (sorry, blankie).

The last couple of days have seen four new squares added on, hence the update. There are now 100 squares and now that a new row has been started I am committed to continuing on.  My original plan was to make 180 squares and I should really stick to that. It’s not like I have a deadline to finish it, and now that the wintry weather is here (single digits and wind whistling around the house tonight) it’s keeping me warm as I work on it.

I had an 8 hour workday today and I really didn’t feel like making the effort to go out and meet my friend for a swim, but I did, and I’m glad.  Feels like I’ve really earned the crochet and couch time tonight.









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