FO: Demelza




Yay! She’s done. Demelza is officially moved from the WIP category to the FO category.

(I actually have no Works in Progress now, but you know that won’t be the case for long.)

Even though we had heavy rain last night, we had a dry day with some sun and cloud and right now it’s absolutely beautiful outside. It’s so mild I was down to a T shirt when I went walking along the lakefront earlier. I laid Demelza on a blanket to get a photograph. The ground is a bit lumpy but the lighting in the shade of the lilac bushes is quite good.

I am not 100% convinced that the gold border was the right choice – maybe green or petrol would have looked better – but heck, it’s done now and I’m not ripping it out!  In real life, the contrast is not quite as stark as it is in the photo above and it blends better.

I weighed my yarn at the end and used approximately 3150 yards of the Stylecraft Special DK which is about 9.75 skeins in all (in 15 colours). Lots of leftovers to enjoy in the future. Hook used was 4.5mm and I obviously had a tighter tension than the designer as my blanket came out around 45″ square. It took 7.5 weeks to make. If it hadn’t been for the Crochet-along, I would probably have taken twice that long.

So, what’s next for my hook?

Well, I just received those ten balls of black Stylecraft Special Aran from Wool Warehouse which I plan to use for the granny square coat. There is a pattern, I just can’t remember the name of it right now, but it’s the one that takes its inspiration from that $3000 one that some celebrity was seen wearing. I have to put away my Demelza leftovers and pull out my Aran colours and figure things out.

Time for dinner now – need to blend the butternut squash soup we can eat. Happy crocheting!

PS: If you follow Stylecraft on Facebook, you will see there is a blog tour happening right now where a different blogger each day shows off what they have made with the new colours of the Special Aran. There’s a draw every day to win a pack of the yarn.





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