Stash Enhancement eXpedition


S.E.X. = more yarn for me!


Michaels have a pretty good sale on right now and I went there today with a couple of coupons. As it turned out, the yarn that caught my eye was on sale (from $13 down to $6) so I didn’t need the coupons, and the yarn fumes might have gone to my head a bit. I bought eight 200gram skeins, two of each colour.

No specific plans for them – just tucking them into stash with the thought that they might make nice scarves.

What would you make with these?

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  1. Good purchase. I’ve been so good the past few months, not buying anything when on sale as I’ve been trying to use up all the stuff I have. It’s been a challenge but I’ve stuck to it so far 🙂

  2. Bought Barcelona loops and threads. Color sea glass from michaels. Need at least one more skein. Can’t find anywhere in Edmonton Alberta that has it. Do you know where one might find it. Thank you

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