A giveaway!


I promised you a giveaway a week or so ago, and here it is!

(Edited to add: make sure to leave me a way to contact you, like a Ravelry or Instagram name, or link it to some other online profile. And check back on the 21st for the winner announcement.)


I sewed this Alpaca Lunchbag a few months ago. I have not used it, so it’s still new. It would be a great size for a crochet or knitting project. No one is going to arrest you for not packing your lunch in it!

It is lined with the same fabric inside. The fleece applique is fused on with Heat n Bond, and the facial features are embroidered. The pompom trim is sewn on either side of the neck. I wouldn’t toss this in the machine – rather, a handwash would be more appropriate. It’s about 12.5 x 11 inches, and also (thanks to my experimenting with a continuous zipper pouch tutorial) comes with a matching little bag for notions or dry snacks or whatever.


This giveaway will be open worldwide and I will give you all a couple of weeks to comment on this post to enter. Closing date will be January 21st 2020.

What I’d like you to tell me is

(a) what do you think that the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day should be called? You know, that time when no one knows what day it is, nobody wants to go to work, and a lot of businesses are closed.

and (b) what fun thing would you do in 2020 if money were no object?

Good luck!


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  1. a) The Days of Drift
    – because we all drift around wondering if we’ve forgotten to do something, realizing we don’t have to do anything which is quite a gift.

    b) Live on the south coast of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for six months, less a week.

  2. My kiddo tells me that Christmas to New Year’s is what the song “12 days of Christmas” is about! So, should we go back to calling it the 12 days of Christmas and get gifts each day?!

    In 2020 if money were no object, I’d love to try a knitting retreat!

  3. This is such a great giveaway item…. and something I could put to really good use.

    answering your questions:
    1) what to call the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
    Romjul (like the norwegians)

    “Romjul is more than just a calendar term, it’s also a ritual and a mindset, a time to cosy up with loved ones, take long, healthful walks, slow life to a meditative pace and reflect on the year just been.
    In other words, an excuse to get cosy and hibernate with your family. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?”
    source: https://www.asdagoodliving.co.uk/family/things-to-do/norwegian-romjul

    2) What fun thing would you do in 2020 if money were no object?
    uhm… I’ve got lots of things on my mind to answer this, but the biggest dream come true would be:
    Pack up the family and move to a tropical destination.

  4. Love to take all the fantastic train trips in various parts of the world if money was no object. The week between Christmas and New Years should be called the Betwix Week. Lovely bag.

  5. I’m not sure why it didn’t post my initial answers. Lol it showed up on mine.

    1) winter break
    2) holiday season
    3) Festivus
    4) boxing week
    5) the eve of 2020 (or whatever year is coming)
    6) the Periphery 🤓🤓🤓

  6. B) fun thing to do in 2020: create a feasible well made video game start to finish with an entire team of workers, programmers, and artists, based on my daughter and son’s imagination. 💗

  7. THANKS for the fun of this giveaway, Nicola! The bag is FABULOUS! Love alpaca’s/llamas! 🙂

    a) Hubby & I sometimes call it cocooning, that cozy time between Christmas & New Year. But as I live in Norway, and as Esther explains, there is a term for that in-between time, it’s called Romjul–it is a lovely time, as many have off work, so great for visiting, being cozy at home, taking walks, binge watching series… 😉 Of course the time is also known as the 12 Days of Christmas too… lots of time for celebrating and enjoying!

    b) Money no object… hubby & I take the UK dream trip we’ve been dreaming of for years, but haven’t managed. We’re huge Anglophiles, so we wouldn’t mind moving there… but then with Brexit, maybe not…

    You know me, Tracy… 😉 I’m on Ravelry as PinkMagic and on IG as @simplegiftspictured

  8. b) I truly believe that money should not be the main reason for “not doing something or other”.
    My “move to the tropics” dream will come true one day, but is just not feasible for now (for various reasons, not just money).

    So, let’s update my answer to question B, to something more realistic.
    — Go on (summer)vacation with hubby and kids.—

  9. I loooooove that bag!

    a) I would call it Turkey Week, because we’re always using up the leftover turkey until at least new year’s eve!

    b) If money were no object I would go to the weddings of my two best friends – one in Thailand and the other in New Zealand. And probably spend a month in each country doing the tourist thing while I was there.

  10. The bag is the cutest!

    A) I would call it Ingress Holiday because we are “going in” or preparing to “enter” a new year☺
    B) My dream would be to go to England with my mother and enjoy the country sites, have tea and coffee in lovely bakeries and of course visit all the yarn shops ♥

  11. That is a truly splendid bag and I would greatly enjoy using it! I’ve got the yarn to knit another llama so it would make a perfect project bag! If money was no object I would love to visit the farm sanctuary I support and take along loads of treats for the amazing animals! I call the period between Christmas and New year “the dithering” as I am happy to be moving into a new year with the people (including all animals) I cherish but sad to be leaving those I’ve lost another year behind. xxx

  12. Beautiful bag! I would call those days Hygge Knitting Days. It’s the moment in which you can knit, finally, or craft just for yourself, have some hot chocolate and read good books.
    I would spend a month in Yosemite park with my dog. Or any other great natural park.
    Close to nature and enjoying the company of my dog. I have a big family and sometimes I really feel that I need solitude.

  13. My Rav name is Purpledream (I put it next to my name in the header, in the last post, but am not sure if that was enough)
    Answers were given in posts of January 7, 2020 at 2:52 pm + update on question b) January 8, 2020 at 4:41 am.

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  16. Great bag! My name is asteride on Rav. I would call those days No Stress Days.
    In 2020 if money was not a problem, I would go from one yarn fair to another in Europe, visiting Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and others beautiful cities.

  17. Gorgeous giveaway ❤️
    Id call it dillydally week
    Id love to go to Hawaii, for the honeymoon we couldn’t afford when we got married

    Im @charlyfeathers on instagram

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  19. Nicole, I love the bag and would use it for my knitting and crafts.
    The time between Christmas and New Years would be spent with family and friends and just enjoying each other. Don’t way out what presents and what you got or did not get. Just have fun with your group. Enjoy what you have now.

  20. Wow, what a cute bag! I think the time between Christmas and New Year’s should be called a hibernation period – no school, no work, just recovering from the holidays and preparing for the upcoming year. As for a fun thing in 2020 if money wasn’t an obstacle, I would love to take a trip to Shetland after hearing so many amazing things about the place, the people, and the knitting!

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