Nine Patch Convertible bag from Yoan


This bag is an amazing design. So much work must have gone into the planning and production. It took me most of the day to make this, about six hours actively sewing plus breaks for food and stuff.

It has two straps so you can wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag, attaching to either the upper or lower D rings.

The fabrics I used were in my stash. Four of them are from one grouping and the orange was from a different range but coordinated well.

The above photos are the finished pockets. There are four zippers in this bag!

Below are the component parts before assembly.

A lot of hardware too!

Considering the fabric, the interfacing (Thermolam and SF101 aren’t cheap), the swivel hooks, D rings and sliders, and the time it took to make, this wouldn’t be a viable product to sell, but I made this for the joy and the challenge so it’s OK!

I have tabs open on my laptop for a couple more Yoan videos so perhaps you’ll see another completed project this weekend.

Have a great weekend, crafty friends!

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