Blogmas Day 1


Welcome to December! This photo was taken at around 7am from my back deck. I never tire of the view.

It was a work day today and I’m pretty tired tonight. The day went well and I feel like I accomplished something (I left the store tidier than I found it and cleared out a section of outdated fabric)!

It was unseasonably warm with the temperature reaching 18°C. Feels weird! Whilst I’m happy we don’t have icy roads, I’m hoping for snowshoeing opportunities at our retreat next week

Here is Yarn Advent Calendar #1. A 25g ball of turquoise yarn and two pretty beads. I was wondering whether to start a project which I could add to every day, using the colours in the order they show up. But I never decided on a plan for that.

One of the YouTube channels I follow is Crafternoon Treats. Kathryn from Yorkshire is doing her version of Vlogmas (Craftmas) and she talks about crochet, knitting, yarn dyeing and jewellery making, among other things. Go and check out her channel!

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