A WIP, an FO and a sad goodbye


I have a new top! This gorgeous polyester jersey had an interesting print which I positioned just so. I made sure that it lined up on the back, front and sleeves.

It’s Burda 6990 again, an easy raglan top with only three pattern pieces and six seams. I still haven’t perfected the hemming but that just gives me an excuse to make more, right?

I love projects that I can make in an afternoon. I’ll wear this to work tomorrow for sure.

My current yarny WIP is this batwing sweater. If you think 1980s when I mention batwing sleeves, that’s great! I’m crocheting this as part of the Totally Tubular 1980s KAL in the  vegan group on Ravelry.

The pattern is a paid one – Stash to Treasure Batwing Sweater by Dora Does. I’m using the blackberry coloured Cygnet Chunky (let’s hope it doesn’t get frogged a third time) and the Knit Picks Brava minis that I bought myself last year.

It’s easy and I intend to have it done by the end of June.

There’s a guy up in that tree

And finally…the sad goodbye is to an old and huge pine tree that stood between my house and my neighbour’s.  They had it cut down this week. No idea why, it was perfectly healthy.

There go the branches
Almost gone

We are still getting used to the wider view and extra light but we are sad for the squirrels and birds that called this tree home, or used it as a route around the neighbourhood.  And this summer we’re going to have to sort out more screening for our deck because that tree provided much needed shade.

A great shame to see how many trees have been lost to the dreaded chainsaw in the last few weeks.

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  1. The print of your new sweater is unique. Nice work.
    I know how you feel about trees. They keep telling us to plant one per year and yet they rip down the mature ones without permission , care, or discussion . They are living not there for decoration.

  2. Love the top. I think this summer is the summer of colour – there are so many lovely ones around in clothing. I came through Gatwick airport last week, wearing a bright orange hoodie. Even the guy at the passport control desk commented on my brightness – definitely the jumper brightness not my manner as I hadn’t slept on a night flight and had lost five hours I hardly could string a sentence together, apart from a giggle and agree that the orange was bright and suggest it was a way for my husband to find me if I got lost!

  3. Oh and I meant to say – so sad about the tree felling. An old neighbour cut back three trees between us and him and I hated the view afterwards!

  4. Ha, I know the feeling of dragging myself through airports feeling exhausted. We take three flights to get home to see the family and I rarely sleep on the Trans Atlantic one. By the last leg I am spacey and zombified!

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