no longer naked



How long ago did I make these dolls?   It was at least a month, I think.  They have been waiting patiently, nakedly, for me to clothe them and today their patience was rewarded.


The top photo shows the shorts I made for both dolls – one has green dotty fabric, the other brown.  The second photo shows them decently covered up and ready to be given to two little girls……well, almost.  I want to get ribbons or something for their hair, so one more tiny step.

I also started sewing a bag today – more about that later.  I’ll show you my current bag, which is falling apart, and the one I am making to replace it.

It was a good day for fitness today – weights in the morning, Taekwondo this evening – and since I read about the Couch to 5K running program (sorry, can’t remember whose blog it was) I have decided that I’m going to give it a go.  Lego Nut and Ninja Boy will be joining me.  One of the requirements that our TKD instructor has listed in our eligibility for 2nd Dan testing is to run across the Okanagan Lake Bridge and back.  That’s 4 kilometres.  So doing the Couch to 5K will prepare us nicely.

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