Arroyo FO



Pre-blocking, my Arroyo Shawl, which I’m excited to announce is DONE, measured 6″ deep at the ends, 12″ deep at the centre, 57″ long at the top edge, 71″ long at the bottom edge. After wetting and pinning out, those measurements grew to 8″, 16″, 73″ and 83″ respectively.

It took less than four balls of Knitpicks Shine Sport in Serrano red.


I saw today that the events list for the Ravellenics Winter Games have been announced, so my next job is to decide what I shall be working on during the Olympics.

I have also been making bags for the Farmers market in the spring, which I will be attending along with two friends, and I have a pile of sale fabric from Fabricland to convert into bandanas, so there will be a fair amount of sewing going on around here. I made two bandanas for ds1 last summer as he wanted them for the dusty conditions he was expecting at Shambala music festival. He loves that they are generously sized, and one of his friends is impressed with them too (maybe my first customer)!

It feels good to have something to work towards and to be using my creativity to the max!

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