Random grannies


That collection of 16 random granny squares? All are now incorporated into hats, three of which I made tonight. I feel like I accomplished a lot, though as I have been awake since 6.30am and it is now almost 12.30am, I have a bit of a headache and I really need to sleep.

I grouped the squares into fours, and they went together rather nicely. One hat is finished with dark wine to match the border of one square, another with brown which matches two squares in that hat, another with teal, another with bright green. I would never normally have put these colours together but I do find I am a little conservative when deliberating over colour combinations, so it’s good to try new things.


The hats are a little snug on me but would be great for girls (once I’ve sewn in the bazillion ends).

I still need to find handles for the big granny bag, and now have the motivation to get it done as I have a yarn order coming from Willow Yarns (part of Herrschners.ca). They have many lovely looking yarns and today I had a good browse around their site and invested in four different kinds of yarn which I will show you once they arrive in the mail. And because I spent over $60, shipping is free!

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