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I’m loving knitting this sweater. It’s mindless and mindful at the same time. The yarn (Willow Wash – a worsted weight acrylic) is soft and pretty.

There’s no rush to finish it so I pick it up for a little while each day, after most of my chores are done (because they are never all done so I can’t wait until then).

The back measures 6 inches so far, and the front two inches. My row gauge is not the same as the pattern, so when I have finished the requisite number of rows for the yoke I’ll try it on and probably do a few more. That’s the beauty of top-down construction.

In other news, we have been breathing smoke this week. The Okanagan gets very dry and hot in summer, with numerous fires, some of which are caused by lightning but more are caused by human carelessness. A discarded cigarette butt, a campfire that was not put out, or that shouldn’t have been lit in the first place.

There’s a big one near us right now, over 200 hectares, and it blotted out the sun and turned everything orange yesterday. Many people have been evacuated from their homes, and water bombers have been flying around in circles this morning, dumping water on the flames and trying to get things under control. I haven’t checked the news – I don’t feel threatened by it, being across a major highway from the fire.

The forecast is for cooler temperatures for a few days. Today my window thermometer shows 29 Celsius and I’m hoping that’s as hot as it’s going to get.

This morning was blissfully cool, with a bit of a breeze moving through the house. But by the time I had mowed the lawn (weeds and crispy patches) I was dripping and had to have a second shower.

Hopefully, dear readers, you are all safe and well, and knitting or crocheting happily.

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