Groovy-scrap-ghan in progress


Love all these colours. Yesterday I started on the seven granny squares, each of which has seven rounds. Working them all concurrently so at the moment five have three rounds each and two have only two. I have the colours decided for the third rounds.


The two dot blocks were started at Knit ‘n Chat at the LYS this morning. Met a friend there, then went on to a coffee shop. I don’t think my iPad does the colours justice.

I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing this project so I’m going to stop for tonight and read a book instead. My left little finger is feeling a bit stiff anyway.

Last night at pottery class, I learned another new technique. Pinch pots. I made something that sort of resembles a dragon’s egg (I hope) and I wish I was capable of making something that actually looked like a baby dragon to go inside it, but I’m not there yet!

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  1. I made a groovyghan blanket last year as a Christmas present. One of my favorite blankets! Have fun with it!

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